Beauty Trends Forecast and Growth Strategies in 2023

Beauty Trends Forecast and Growth Strategies in 2023

Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body and Wellness is rapidly changing its game according to the recent e-commerce industry trends as consumers are getting more up skilled and conscious towards their skin. As the company is promoting earthy wellness, creativity and the feel-good factor through its aesthetic products, it is crucial that the company again up its game and share the forecasted beauty trends insights of 2023 with you so that you all get prepared for all the new iconic products which will be introduced and how its growth strategies will change the game altogether.

E-commerce is the essential driver of global beauty sales, with digitally native businesses multiplying at an alarming ratio between digital retailing and social media networks. Experts claim that the market for personal care and cosmetic products increased by about 6% from $471 billion in 2020 to $515 billion in 2021 and $562 billion in 2022 while making peace with the uncertainty of pandemic whiplash. The international beauty industry market is anticipated to develop until at least 2026. Revenues are expected to expand by 10.3% in 2023 to $589.2 billion, a tremendous annual growth rate in 13 years. The sector is expected to hit $716 billion by 2026, indicating that eCommerce will only become more competitive for beauty firms.

If you've been paying attention to beauty, well-being and body care trends in recent years, you've probably noticed the growth of movements like Slow Beauty and Natural Beauty, which both emphasize the simplicity of ingredients, clean formulas, incredibly simple regimens, and a minimalistic approach to makeup. With increased awareness of Tatvik Ayurveda, a new trend that may gain importance in the near future is In-Beauty, a term coined for the trend's Indian roots.

7 Predicted Beauty Trends in 2023

The Beauty Industry is expected to remain dominant and push limits, with customers moving toward trends and companies that promote utility, sustainability, and diversity. Read on to learn about the trends expected to burst in 2023, including neon makeup, blue light protection, and conscientious hair care. Let's explore and peek at some of the critical inclination and growing techniques that beauty labels are employing to achieve a competitive advantage in this sector:

●    Beauty Emanates Within

The In-Beauty trend is based on the Ayurvedic idea of equilibrium, which states that the condition of our outer physical body reflects our emotional and mental state and the health of our inner physical existence. It has been paying increasing attention to products that boost mental health and improve general mood since happy thoughts make us radiant. In-Beauty draws inspiration from Ayurvedic skin care practices that emphasize using high-quality ingredients to enhance both the skin and the mind and soul through rituals that integrate mindfulness. It's a trend that is more enticing than ever as individuals try to find alternative ways to manage their lives. Tatvik Ayurveda, since its establishment, with its Aromatherapy products, is considering consumers' mental and physical health to bring inner beauty and peace to the outer skin.

●    AI and VR Encounter

Since people are accustomed to trying skin and body care products in actual locations, purchasing products online has always been complicated. Therefore, the beauty sector is getting a chance first to use Virtual and Augmented Reality tech systems to let consumers ‘test' items while they shop. This increases shopper engagement and lowers return rates by allowing customers to choose whether a product suits them.

●    Curly Hair Revolution

2022 was the ultimate game changer for hair as every girl wanted to curl her hair, and it will continue in 2023 as well as a trendsetter. On the other hand, girls who already had their amazing curls wanted to maintain them for as long as possible, with new products coming in every month. Tatvik Ayurveda, with its Nirmalkesha Moringa, Aloe Vera and Green Tea Conditioning Shampoo, committed that it boosts hair growth and will not change the texture of their hair. Your routine will not provide justice, but Tatvik Ayurveda promises to be with its consumers until the end of the changing trends.

●    Subscription Boxes are the Ultimate Growing Strategy.

Customers have been thrilled by subscription boxes for a while now. They improve product discovery and offer a more extensive assortment of goods that customers value. This trend is seeing the fastest growth in the subscription beauty market. A 20% growth in average order value for beauty subscription businesses during 2020 indicates that COVID-19 hasn't diminished consumer demand for the newest and greatest cosmetics. Therefore, Tatvik Ayurveda, in the same year, introduced a range of corporate gifts boxes, subscribed customers discounts, face care kits, hair care kits, body care kits etc., for its precious customers and capitalizing them on a key pain point and enabling them to check out new items and brands without having to commit to pricey, full-sized versions that might turn out to be unsuitable.

●    Insta-fluencers and Brand Partnership

Social media marketing is best for beauty firms to reach their target market. Nowadays, we can see brand influencers and new actors and actresses in town promoting beauty products that influence ordinary audiences so they can get #NoMakeupLook just like their idols. Due to the fierce rivalry for user attention, many brands have started utilizing the power of micro-influencers and brand alliances to raise brand exposure on social media platforms.

In order to appeal to new consumer demographics, several cosmetics businesses are utilizing pop culture and entertainment trends too. For instance, in a recent collaboration with Disney, the vintage cosmetics company recreated Mary Poppins' distinctive red lipstick, which was well-liked by both brand and movie devotees.

●    Body Care Tools : A Popular Trend

The number of body care-related devices has increased in the market, and Tatvik Ayurveda has been an emerging name in this popular trend. Acne treatments, facial sheet masks, ayurvedic handmade soap and body massage oils are some of the most popular skin and body care items consumed by customers in large numbers and will be trending more in 2023 as well. The cost of these products varies, and they are typically regarded as high-end goods.

●    DIY Trend

Another emerging and popular trend that people are talking about and Tatvik Ayurveda's primary aim since its establishment is 'do it yourself, as it's time to show the craft of taking care of the skin literally. No wonder it will become a bigger trend in the upcoming year. 38% of cosmetics users use a 'homemade' product at least once a month, according to beauty experts. The findings show that while searches for "facial at-home facials" have climbed by 112%, searches for DIY face masks have increased by 238%.

Wrapping Up

The beauty business has an old history of being among the first to adopt new technologies, from virtual reality to social media influencers. The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced consumer purchasing, but beauty eCommerce has proliferated. Thanks to the development of social commerce and a more socially engaged consumer journey across digital channels, buying beauty products online has become a more streamlined, entertaining journey that increases brand loyalty. As the direct-to-consumer beauty business grows, we might expect a greater emphasis on cosmetic marketing at every touch point, from product search to delivery.

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