Learn About The Best Bath Salts and Bath Crystals

Learn About The Best Bath Salts and Bath Crystals

Learn About The Best Bath Salts and Bath Crystals

Who doesn't love having a quality bath and coming out with a refreshed aroma all over the room? But it is not always in your daily routine due to your super hectic schedule. And you just go in the shower for what, two minutes? Well, even if life is too hard, a good bath can certainly fix the problem, well at least your skin problems, right? Not to mention– bathing is a relaxation therapy which has always been a part of our lifestyle. Even in Ayurveda it is prescribed to have two baths in a day to keep your body, mind and soul clean and invigorated. So, whenever possible, make good use of your leisure time in the bathroom and allow your body to breathe in the goodness of lavender bath salts that are 100% organic products.

For those living under the rock- Bath salts have been used for aromatherapy for centuries. Since they have antibacterial properties, they are the finest pick for an enchanting experience. Many are made of magnesium sulphate, which is known as Epsom Salt. Apart from this, many bath salts carry rich minerals that remove skin problems by purifying them. Additionally, most bath salts are produced with aromatic elements such as lavender, rose and mint.

Essentially, bath salts have long been used to treat the skin with an inexpensive and effective technique that is a part of aromatherapy. Moreover, bath salt has been used for ages as a pain reliever. When salts dissolve in water, it breaks down into magnesium and sulphate, absorbed into your skin. Whether you want a mood booster for your body or a pain reliever for your irritated joints-bath salts are the ultimate answer!

Why is Bath salt important for your body?

A quick list of benefits you should know about bath salts.

  • The most natural exfoliator - The abrasive texture of dead sea salt is all you need for exfoliating our skin from the inside out. The great touch of bathing salts is a combination of high sodium content, which swap off the dead skin cells and gives you a refreshed, galvanised skin.
  • Complements your skin moisture - Bath salts and crystals such as lavender bath salt have the properties like calcium, zinc and potassium, which promote the moisturising process in our skin to keep it soft, smooth and hydrated.
  • Purifies the pores- For example, lavender bath salts have amazing antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and exfoliation properties that promote cleansing & purify the pores by relieving excess oil and other impurities. The fascinating benefit of bath salts is that they help eliminate acne, pimples, blackheads, and various other skin damages.
  • Promotes sleep- a warm salt is perfect for helping us unwind when we feel anxious or stressed. While the temperature changes, your body goes by switching from warm to the cooler breeze, which helps improve your sleep.
  • Soothes sore joints and muscles- Having a long, hot soak in lavender bath salts is a brilliant muscle relaxer and joint soother for those suffering from muscle and joint aches.

Types Of Bath Salts And Bath Crystals

  • ANCIENT SEA BATH SALT - During the formation of the great mountain ranges of today, which are the result of ancient sea salt preservation. It was protected from all the pollutants by sheets of sediment from the volcanic outburst. The ancient sea salt has a natural pink colour, making it beautiful in texture and widely used in aromatherapy.
  • DEAD SEA BATH SALT - Dead Sea Salt contains minerals like Sodium Chloride, with a high constitution of magnesium, sulphates and potassium. People dealing with arthritis and rheumatism can get relief from pain and inflammation.
  • EPSOM SALT - Epsom salt is a mineral made of magnesium sulphate in a crystallised form which makes it look like salts. Due to this mineral, it can help people deal with magnesium deficiency.
  • FINE BATH SALT - Fine bath salt comes in all sizes of small grains like flour or granular like table salt. When blended with herbs and powders, they can provide gentler facial and body scrubs.

Tips to Use Bath Salt For A Therapeutic Experience

Imagine coming back home tired and sweaty. Now, imagine your bathroom filled with aromatic lavender bath salts or rose bath salts. We are pretty sure the latter one stimulates your craving for a relaxing moment in your bath. Spend some 'me time' in your bathroom with fabulous bath salts. When it comes to a therapeutic experience, bathing has got all the good reasons to fall for. From rejuvenating your skin to removing dead skin cells and releasing mental stress to sore joints, you can count on the lavender bath salts anytime. The salts have the goodness of exfoliating properties that promotes a better wellness routine in everyone's life.

So if your body has been pleading for pampering, it is about time. Let's get you this quick guide for using lavender bath salts for a sublime bathing journey.

For Bath - Using the premium quality lavender bath salt for bathing is what people enjoy the most. Tips to use- sprinkle 1 cup of any bath salt into a tub full of water, let the salt dilute and then soak into the bathtub for a good 20 minutes. Your refreshing bathtub is ready!

In the shower - Most people prefer using bath salts and crystals while showering. The way to apply it on your skin is to sprinkle lavender bath salts on the bathroom floor; when the water is still warm and steam hits the floor and salt on it– salts will start dissolving while creating personal aromatherapy.

For Exfoliation - If you are seeking a gentle exfoliation technique for your skin and not finding anything good, leave the search and just buy rose bath salts right now!. Take ½ cup of bath salts with a drop of body oil such as rosemary, camphor or jasmine oil, and scrub on the damaged spots like the elbow, knees, fingers and bottom of your feet. Please note that bath salts are somewhat abrasive for the face, avoid using them without essential oil. Make sure you use it as a body scrub only.

For Foot Soak - Another way of using bath salts is to add ¼ to ½ cup rose bath salts in a large basin or tub. Soak your feet and sit and relax. This therapy allows your feet to cleanse and soften effectively.

Bring home the “Wow-ness” of organic bath Salts And Crystals Today!

We hear your pain if you are tired of the fake promises made by cosmetic products produced with harmful chemicals. And therefore, the 100% environment-friendly luxury Brand Tatvik Ayurveda is at your doorstep! The brand is known for its organic products, which are highly recommended beauty essentials that take care of your skin and prevent skin damage. Discover the top three fluorescent bathing salts and allow yourself to fall into the deep sea of the pleasantness of these salts.

  • Lavender - Jazz up your bathing experience. Shall we call it bathing therapy? The bath salts are amazing for relaxation, stress relief, and overall skin reconditioning with an exotic touch of lavender.

  • Rose bath salt - Entice your senses with the amazing fragrance of rose bath salts. Curated with sea salt and infused with an exhilarating rose scent, a purely natural bath christie will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and aromatic.

TATVIK Ayurveda is your go-to place for pleasant, long-lasting experiences and adding health benefits to your body. Surprise yourself with nature's purest gift of lavender bath salts and rose bath salts today.

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