Benefits of Clay Mask: 10 Reasons to Try One Today

Benefits of Clay Mask: 10 Reasons to Try One Today

From Cleopatra to Queen Nefertiti, people have always wanted to look beautiful. And one of the most important aspects of being beautiful is having beautiful skin. However, often this beauty is hidden behind your skin. And it requires a ‘mask’ to unmask your beauty.

What Are Clay Masks? How Do They Work?

Clay Masks are skin care products made from different types of clays. These clays have a natural ability to absorb dirt such as oil, dead skin and bacteria, helping you to make your skin clean and clear.

These clay masks work when you apply them correctly and give time to the mask to work on your skin. The correct way to apply a clay mask is usually given on the product, so follow those instructions properly for clean & healthy skin.

10 Benefits of Clay Masks:

Benefits of clay mask
Benefits of clay mask

Since the launch, clay masks have been trendy. They were a massive rage in 2019 among the common people, celebrities, and corporate overlords. Looking for one reason that makes clay masks stand out from the other products available in skincare bouquets? Well, we can give you 10. So, get ready.

1. Help Clear Your Skin: 

One of the most amazing benefits of a clay mask is that it helps cleanse your skin even better than many other facial cleansers. Your skin encounters several obstacles throughout the day, such as pollution, dust, and oil, which causes your skin to look dull. These toxins build up on the skin and expand the pores irritating the skin. Long-term exposure can harm skin cells and cause skin deterioration such as rashes, acne etc.

A good clay mask can help remove all the skin problems mentioned above. So start exfoliating regularly to get that healthy & glowy look back.

2. Brightens Your Skin:

In today's time, the rising level of pollution is affecting our physical & mental life. Pollution makes your skin dull due to clogged skin pores which hide your natural beauty. So, it's time to visit your trusted skin-care brand Tatvik Ayurveda and choose from a wide range of clay masks and exfoliate your skin.

A well-known brand in skin care, Tatvik Ayurveda offers you a complete range of clay masks such as Charcoal & Tea Tree, Mitti & Chandan, Seaweed extract, Rosewater, and Moringa. These products are made especially from natural products to give your skin a bright and fresh look.

3. Makes Oily Skin Look More Beautiful:

People with oily skin are believed to be among the most beautiful people on earth. That’s a huge compliment. But, managing excess oil is an equally enormous challenge. So, we all wished for a solution. 

And voila! Clay mask is here as the reward for your prayers. The detoxifying ability of clay absorbs excess oil, reduces excessive shine, and gives your skin a matte texture. Just what everyone with oily skin prays for!

4. Hydrates Your Dry Skin:

The body's largest organ is the skin, which is demanding and needs proper care. So just having clear skin is not enough. If you feel your skin is dry, scaly, or has an ashy appearance, it signals that your skin needs a bit more care and moisture to keep it fresh and young

Luckily, clay masks are here to make your day. Tatvik Ayurveda offers several variants of clay masks that can drive away the dryness of the skin. Look for clay masks containing sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, some of the best hydrating compounds.

5. Protects Your Skin From Breaking Out: 

As mentioned above, not taking proper care may result in the breakdown of your skin. In addition, the various pollutants cause a build-up of debris on your skin and result in enlarging of pores. These large pores cause oil accumulation, making it a breeding ground for various bacteria, making the skin rough and prone to acne.

Using clay masks can put a full stop to otherwise long-suffering skin. 

6. Restores Your Skin Balance:

Did you know that different skin types require various constituents to take care of it? For example, you may have dry, oily, normal, or combination skin, but whenever your skin’s internal balance is off, it causes grief. Tatvik Ayurveda has a wide range of clay masks for all skin types, oily or dry. Clay masks of Tatvik are made using natural & herbal ingredients, which help remove dryness, oils, dirt and irritation.

7. Protects Against Skin Diseases:

Clay has the unique property that it reduces the number of bacteria on the skin. Some people believe that clay mask wipes out all bacteria – even the ones that are useful for us.

However, the reality is that a clay mask does not wipe entire colonies of bacteria; it only regulates their number. In due course, their number gets back to normal. However, in the process, it acts as a remedy for diseases like eczema, dermatitis, and even psoriasis.

8. Oxygenating Your Skin Cells:

Besides cleaning your skin, the clay mask opens up the skin pores, allowing it to breathe easily. The increased oxygen benefits the skin tissues and helps the skin cells rejuvenate. In addition, it improves blood circulation and results in healthier skin.

9. Regulates Sebum Production:

Sebum is a naturally occurring oily substance secreted by our body that fights the dryness of the skin. But, excess production of sebum makes the skin too oily. In many people, the immune systems are hyper-activated, or the body is under tremendous stress, so their bodies produce excess sebum, which needs to be regulated.

10. They are Entirely Organic and Safe:

Last but not least. Clay masks are organic. Compared to other beauty products, they do not include any chemical compounds. So, the chances of side effects are the lowest. In addition, its anti-inflammatory effect reduces skin irritation and inflammation.

An Overview of the Different Types of Clay Masks:

More than being simple mud, clay musk is weathered volcanic ash and decomposed plants. As a result, it becomes rich in minerals acquiring several medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic benefits. 

Depending upon the origin and composition, there are different types of clay masks. Each of these masks offers distinct benefits for the skin. Some of the different kinds of clay masks are given below:

1. Fuller’s Earth:

Popularly called ‘Multani Mitti’, when combined with rose oil, it absorbs excess oil, cleans the pores, and controls pigmentation. In addition, it also has mild bleaching properties. Though some people may experience skin dryness, weekly use benefits the skin.

2. Bentonite Clay:

When mixed with water, this clay turns into a highly porous substance. The bentonite in the clay absorbs a lot of water and swells to form a highly porous material. It removes skin impurities and helps tighten skin.

3. Kaolin Clay:

Available in different colors like white, pink, red, and yellow, kaolin clay is gentle and great for sensitive skin; the red variety is the most powerful in absorbing impurities. Pink kaolin clay is a mix of red, white and yellow kaolin clay offers gentle exfoliation and boosts circulation.

4. Rhassoul Clay:

This ancient clay mined in Morocco is excellent for skin and hair. It contains minerals that can absorb sebum, blackheads, and other impurities. It is gentle on the skin and improves skin elasticity and texture. This clay clears build-up, restores volume, and boosts shine when used for hair care.

5. French Green Clay:

Also called sea clay, it gets its green color from the decomposed plants and iron oxide, which determines its quality. This clay is known for absorbing impurities and boosting circulation by pulling blood towards the skin’s surface.

Where to Buy Clay Masks?

For ages, clay has been used by our saints and ‘vaidyas’ (ayurvedic doctors) as they contain several medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic properties. Like simple mud, clay is weathered volcanic ash and decomposed plant material. It makes clay rich in electrically charged minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and silica.

Due to these minerals, clay can absorb impurities from pores, help treat acne, heal skin allergies and sunburn, balance oil production, and boost skin elasticity and collagen production. Differentiated by their origin and composition, Tatvik Ayurveda offers different types of clay masks, each offering a distinct benefit to the skin. To know more about which clay will suit your skin type and order the one that suits you, visit


Q.1: What happens when you use a clay mask?

Ans: When we apply a clay mask, it unclogs the skin pores and draws excess oil from them, allowing your skin to breathe properly, making it healthy & glowy.

Q.2: How long do the effects of a clay mask last?

Ans: The effects of a clay mask last for up to 3 days.

Q.3: Which clay mask is suitable for normal skin?

Ans: For normal skin, Green clay is perfect as it removes embedded dirt, pollution, and other impurities.

Q.4: Can I use a clay mask every day?

Ans: Not at all. People with dry and sensitive skin should use a clay mask only once a week. For people with oily skin, using a clay mask in a gap of 3-4 days is also acceptable.

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