Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant.

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant.

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The Tatvik Bath & Body brings you the all new Coffee Scrub Soap which cleanses, clears and revitalize your skin. The Tatvik Bath and Body Coffee Scrub Soap has useful anti-aging properties and is rich in antioxidants that helps fight aging signs and harmful toxins collected from the harsh environment by deeply cleansing the pores and skin cells. Toxins give growth to free radicals that are dangerous for the skin cells and may cause serious diseases.

What makes the Tatvik Coffee Scrub Soap special is that it consists of both soap and scrub and does the job of both. The coffee grounds, brown sugar and olive oil content makes the coffee scrub soap a great exfoliator, it contains natural minerals and acids that kills bacteria and when applied gently all over your face and body in a circular motion, the coffee scrub soap gracefully exfoliates the skin, removing all the dead and dry skin to pave way for new healthy skin from beneath. The Tatvik coffee scrub soap is also a great soap for men as it helps in showing follicles, making it easier for shaving. Another useful benefit of coffee scrub soap is the content of caffeine, which has great stimulant properties and works extremely effectively on your mind and body.

That is not all, caffeine also has great effects on your skin, it reduces cellulite deposits and helps tighten the skin. It eliminates puffy eyes and swelling because coffee scrub soap constricts blood vessels. It also sometimes helps remove dark circles that are non-hereditary. High in antioxidants, the coffee scrub soap is very helpful in fighting premature skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots. The caffeine also fights direct sun damage and protects skin from free radicals. How can we forget the most important benefits of coffee? The intake of coffee helps us stay awake during the night when we have to sit for long hours, the same effects works on the skin. Its constant use on the skin and body relieves redness and sunburn and wakes your skin up and energizes it from within.

The invigorating and strong smell of coffee scrub soap helps eliminate odour from sweat and acts as a very good room freshener. The coffee scrub soap also works wonder on the health and look of your hair giving it the shine and moisture it requires. Coffee scrub soap repairs tissue and regulates cell growth which helps in skin hydration and promotes skin elasticity. It also promotes blood circulation, which leads to a healthy and an energized skin.

Continuous use of the coffee scrub soap gives your skin a radiant and glowing look and the natural uplifting aroma of coffee clears the blues of your mind and relaxes your nerves. It uplifts your energy and spirit and helps cure nausea.On the contrary, Coffee Scrub Soap can be used to clean the cracked heals and toes to keep you away from cracked heals.

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