Protect your skin with natural handmade soap- Papaya & Yoghurt

Protect your skin with natural handmade soap- Papaya & Yoghurt

Why TATVIK Ayurveda Papaya and Yogurt Soap is a Detoxification Elixir for your skin.

With the new season seeping in, it's time for some detox!   It happens to be a tough time for your skin thanks to the rising temperature, free radicals present in the environment and the never ending pollution. As a result, most people suffer from skin allergies and infections which strips your skin of its natural glow. The best way to take care of your skin this season is to resort to age-old natural remedies like natural soaps and other organic skincare products.

The TATVIK Ayurveda Papaya and Yoghurt Soap is a handmade soap made from Raw Glycerine and Multi Vitamins. This Paraben-free natural soap has pure fruit essential oils which revitalizes the skin. This soap naturally cleanses the skin while targeting the concerned areas for dark spots, reduces dark circles and pigmentation.

This product is beneficial in soothing the skin and protecting it from infection/ acne. If used on heels regularly, it helps in reducing cracked heels. The Yoghurt helps in giving the skin the right boost of moisture resulting in a clear skin; hence lightening it and brightening it. This natural antiseptic soap removes dead skin and gives a radiant glow to your skin. There are multiple benefits of using TATVIK Ayurveda Bath and Body soap .

As it is a pure antiseptic soap , it helps in detoxifying the skin in its own natural way and combating the signs of aging. This product gently hydrates the skin, maintains the skin moisture and deeply nourishes the skin. The ingredients present in TATVIK Ayurveda Bath and Body Papaya and Yogurt Soap helps you to get a clear, radiant skin. The Shea Butter helps in maintaining the requisite oil balance in the skin.  Glycerine present in the soap attracts moisture from the air into the upper layer of your skin and locks the moisture. This natural antiseptic soap removes the dead skin and gives a radiant glow to your skin.These products contain no artificial ingredients , have a delightful aroma and are mild in nature . The Tatvik Ayurveda’s Organic Soaps work well on all skin types, whether you have oily , dry  or sensitive skin.

So, start taking care of yourself by switching to all-natural organic products from the harmful chemical-based products.

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