An Insight to Activated Charcoal Soap

An Insight to Activated Charcoal Soap

An exclusive combination of cinnamon, neem, and activated charcoal is found in Tatvik Ayurveda Handmade Charcoal Soap. For those with oily skin, this black bar soap is a necessity. By decreasing acne, absorbing extra oil, and eliminating all of the skin's impurities, it is essential for skin purification. Using it to wash your face ensures radiant skin free from impurities, grime, and acne. This Ayurvedic soap is safe and environmentally friendly because it doesn't contain any chemicals like sulfate or paraben. The use of charcoal, especially activated charcoal, is essential for skin purification. It purges the skin of all impurities like a magnet, leaving it completely clean and allowing it to breathe. The handmade Charcoal Soap from Natural Wash is designed to keep up the skincare routine. Because of its purifying qualities, it can eliminate extra oil from the skin, which helps to lessen common issues like acne. It clears the pores on the skin and gets rid of all the debris and toxins that we unintentionally let our skin absorb from everyday life. In light of the need for a product to both counteract and heal the damaging effects of increasing levels of pollution on skin, Tatvik Ayurveda offers its Charcoal Soap in an all-natural, organic form.


  • What is Charcoal?
  • About Activated Charcoal
  • Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal
  • Ingredients

What is Charcoal?

The carbon residue known as charcoal is produced when wood and other organic materials are burned partially without enough airflow. For thousands of years, charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes.

About Activated Charcoal

Charcoal that has been exposed to oxygen, or "activated," to open the carbon atoms and increase its absorbency is known as activated charcoal. It indicates that the source material underwent controlled oxidation and/or steam processing to remove all of the oxygen.

To put it simply, ordinary charcoal becomes activated charcoal when it is heated to a very high temperature, increasing its porosity. The weight of charcoal can be absorbed thousands of times. That is why a small amount of charcoal can remove a great deal of toxins from our skin

Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal

In the past, when Ayurveda was the only medicine to treat a variety of skin-related issues, charcoal was said to offer a number of health benefits. In addition to deeply cleansing the skin and controlling excessive oil production, charcoal is a natural defensive ingredient that draws out toxins, dirt, impurities, makeup, and sweat without causing any negative side effects. It also aids in preserving the skin's radiance.

  • Helps Balance Oily Skin

Both extra oil and dirt are absorbed by charcoal. It also gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving you looking smooth and oil-free.

  • Suits All Types of Skin

Not only can activated charcoal remove excess oil from oily skin, but it can also hydrate and nourish dry skin. Additionally, skin types with sensitivity can use it. It successfully treats facial redness and skin allergies.

  • Keeps Your Skin Young and Flawless

By combating the root causes of premature aging, activated charcoal soap goes above and beyond. Inflammation is decreased and pores are tightened. This kind of soap helps the skin regain its elasticity and youthful appearance.

  • Reduces Pore Size

In addition to cleaning filth and grime, charcoal soap treats clogged pores and shrinks them.

  • Aids in the Reduction of Acne

Because it helps to remove toxins, activated charcoal soap is well known to be very beneficial in the treatment of acne. It helps treat acne by removing impurities from the skin. It even helps to remove acne-related facial marks.



It has been used as a purifying agent since ancient times, when there were only Ayurvedic treatments for all ailments. Because of its magnetic qualities, charcoal effectively cleans the skin by drawing all debris and impurities out of its pores. It lessens the skin's surplus oil.


Cinnamon is used to treat a variety of bacterial and fungal infections, blemishes, and acne-prone skin. The glycerin in the soap maintains the skin's moisture content, pH balance, and hydration throughout the day.


Since ancient times, neem, a versatile natural ingredient, has been used to treat skin problems. Because Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, it can help minimize acne while providing the skin with vital minerals.

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