Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

The Best Natural and Handmade Soap for Glowing Skin



How Multani Mitti Benefits The Skin?

How Chandan Benefits The Skin?

FAQ about using Multani Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap



For centuries, the traditional Indian home remedy for clean, bright, and revitalized skin has been Fuller's Earth, also known as Multani Mitti, and sandalwood, also known as Chandan. With active ingredients that draw impurities like accumulated sebum, sweat, oil, and dirt from the clogged pores, it is a powerful healing clay.

Mitti, with its natural earthy scent, and Chandan, with its healing qualities, are two of the oldest substances used as beauty remedies. Both have been used as successful Ayurvedic beauty treatments to date, clearing away acne scars and blemishes to leave skin looking radiant and appealing.

Multitani mitti and Chandan provide a solution for every skin issue, from lightening dark spots to enhancing the general texture and complexion of the skin. Using it as a mitti and handmade Chandan soap is the easiest way to achieve the silky, smooth skin you've always desired.

How Multani Mitti Benefits The Skin?

Multani Mitti's greatest quality is its ability to be mixed with other ingredients to create a product that works for a variety of skin types and conditions. Lime, which has antibacterial properties, thoroughly cleanses the skin. Regardless of your skin type, it will provide you with the following advantages:

Brightens the complexion and enhances the texture of the skin

Fights acne and pimples

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces skin inflammation and protects the skin against allergens

Has a cooling effect that gives relief from rash, itching, and irritation

Detoxifies the skin and helps in getting rid of pollutants and impurities

Prevents acne and pimples

Treats sunburn, tanning, and pigmentation

How Chandan Benefits The Skin?

For centuries, sandalwood, also known as Chandan, has been utilized in a variety of cultural customs. It is a highly prized tree recognized for its aroma. However, did you know that sandalwood has a host of other skin-benefitting properties as well? Sandalwood is a powerful ingredient in natural skincare products because of its anti-inflammatory and complexion-brightening qualities. There are several advantages that sandalwood has for the skin:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Antimicrobial Activity

Skin Whitening

Anti-Aging Benefits

Acne Relief


Mridukaya Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap from Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body should be used twice a day for optimal benefits.

FAQ about using Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

We've covered a few frequently asked questions about using Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap here.

  1. Can I scrub with Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap?

Nutrients and antioxidants found in mitti and chandan promote blood circulation and aid in the development of new cells. Exfoliating the skin will help remove dead cells and restore its brightness.

  1. Can I use the handmade soap Mitti and Chandan every day?

For optimal results, use Chandan Handmade Soap, Mitti, and Tatvik Ayurveda twice a day.

  1. What is the best way to avoid obvious signs of aging with Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap?

This soap's combination of Chandan and Multani Mitti made it the perfect choice for delaying premature aging. Additional ingredients in this product that prevent fine lines and wrinkles and age-related dehydration include coconut oil, olive oil, and raw organic honey. These ingredients also moisturize skin to keep it smooth.

  1. Does utilizing Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap have any negative effects?

The usage of Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap is known to have no negative effects. On the other hand, skin allergies to natural ingredients do occur occasionally. To ensure that the soap is appropriate for your skin type, do a patch test.


One of the best traditional skincare products is the Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap from Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body. It benefits the skin in a variety of ways, including minimizing pore sizes, getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads, fading freckles, relieving sunburns, cleaning the skin, enhancing blood flow and complexion, lessening acne and blemishes, and giving the skin a radiant appearance because it contains healthy nutrients.

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