Plant-based Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap by Tatvik Ayurveda

Plant-based Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap by Tatvik Ayurveda

Tatvik Mridukaya Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap are plant-based natural handmade soap that is free from Paraben and Sulphate, formulated with virgin coconut oil and ingredients like the healing properties of Sandalwood and Multani Mitti used by our old generations since ancient times, cleanses the skin without stripping off its natural oils. Also, with the help of pure activated essential oils infused with honey and olive extracts, this soap naturally cleanses skin while targeting the concerned areas is a source of nutrients and anti-oxidants that smoothen and purify the skin.


  • For Oily Skin, Fight Acne, Cooling Agent & glorifying the skin.
  • No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Sulphates, No ReadyMade Soap Base.
  • No Artificial Hardness, No Artificial Foaming Agents, No Synthetic Colorants
  • No Artificial Pigments and No Animal Substance, 100% plant-based.
  • Formulated with natural emollients 
  • Coagulation of skin 
  • Brighten skin tone and reduce scars
  • Repairs sunburn damage and nourishes skin 



Sandalwood Essential Oil, Multani Mitti, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Raw Organic Honey 


Multani Mitti is known to fight pimples and acne, remove excess sebum and oil, deep cleanse skin, remove dirt, sweat, and impurities, even out skin tone, brighten the complexion, and treat tanning and pigmentation. It can be used in cold compresses to treat skin inflammation and insect bites, facilitates blood circulation, leading to radiant, glowing skin, fights, and helps in keeping away whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, freckles, pimples, or acne spots. It has antiseptic properties.

The Sandal has powerful antibacterial properties of sandalwood works effectively in fighting bacteria and fungi. It restores the original skin color by reducing hyperpigmentation.


The Tatvik Ayurveda Bath & Body Mridukaya Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap enhances complexion and reduces the possibility of infection. This premium quality handmade soap is suitable for all skin types. Mitti and Chandan Soap are for all, i.e. women and men. It is a 100% handmade soap.
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