Which Oil is the Best for Pain Relief?

Which Oil is the Best for Pain Relief?

In an emergency, the one thing you remember is the first-aid kit. There are different medicines, bandages, and types of oil that come in it. That is why every home should have a first aid kit that contains all the medicines used in emergencies. One of them should be pain relief oil. ­

But the biggest question here is which oil should be used for pain relief as there are many on the market? Also, for which body part do you need pain relief oil as different people have a different problem. Let us discuss everything that you need to know about these relieving oil.

Best Pain Relieving Oil for Every Age

When it comes to pain-relieving, always try to use oils that are made up of essential plant oils. Only these oils can impact you for a longer time and permanently. Yes, other oils can also give you relief but only temporary, so it is better to know the ingredients used in pain-relieving oils.

Primrose Oil:

Now, if we talk about pain, there are different parts where we experience body pain like joint, muscle, or pain due to many reasons like heavy exercise. Sometimes we play/run a lot and experience muscle pain in our legs due to cramping. 

Also, some women feel pain due to mensuration. If you are one of them, try to use body pain oil with primrose as an ingredient. A study published in American Family Physician in 2009said that this pain-relieving oil is used for treating breast pain and menopause and helps reduce the inflammation caused.

 This oil is commonly used as an alternative therapy due to its rich omega-6 fatty acids. It is also used to treat chronic diseases like chronic inflammation; that’s why it is preferred for women. But it should be avoided during pregnancy, as the report says.

Eucalyptus Oil:

Another important essential oil is Eucalyptus body pain oil, which is often utilized in traditional medicine and has anti-inflammatory properties. Relax with the eucalyptus oil if you have a sitting back, arching, or pain problem.

This oil contains alpha-pinene, which acts as an antioxidant with strong radical scavenging activity. Also, it is used for lowering blood pressure as per the study published in the national library of medicine (National centre for biotechnology information,2013)on patients who underwent knee replacement surgeries.

Rosehip Oil:

This fruit oil is extracted from rosehip seeds, which contain antioxidants and dark blue pigment that helps reduce inflammation and joint pain. 

According to Healthline, “The rosehip oil has many benefits in case of pain in different parts of the body, especially for those who take anti-inflammatory drugs or other pain medicines.

It makes it the perfect pain-relieving oilMany experts have said that this oil contains more vitamin C than orange or lemon; as we already know, vitamin C has antioxidant properties. Thus, it is also used for wound healing problems, reducing wrinkles, reversing sun damage, and preventing dry skin. Thus, all rosehip oil properties make it the perfect body pain oil.

Effects of lemon grass on body pain:

It is also known as Cymbopogon. This plant is a genus of Asian, African, and Australian plants in the grass family. It is also used as a pain-relieving oil to relieve muscle pain, ward off insects and reduce aches. It contains many components like nerols, neral, and citrate, which are best for treating body pain.

So these are some essential oils that are used in the treatment of body pain.

It depends upon your need and which oil is best for you. Now every person who wants to use these pain-relieving oils has one question: Do they have any side effects. Let us discuss it largely.

Do pain relieving oil have side effect

While plant-based oils do not have any harmful effects, some people can experience some problems like skin irritation, especially when oil is not diluted before use.

Some oils can react with other substances, so always prescribe the doctor before trying body pain oil. People with problems like asthma, skin allergies, heart conditions, or pregnancy should consult their doctors before using any oil.

As every nerve is connected with the other nerve, injury in one part of the body also affects the other body part. It can sometimes radiate to your back, leg, and even chest. So what you can do if there is any reaction to essential oil.

How you can prevent any allergic reaction?

First of all, these oil cause side effects in rare cases. If still, you have any doubt, then follow certain precautions like:

  1. Dilute & Dilute: Mix it with the carrier oil to prevent irritation.
  2. Use fresh oil: The composition of essential oil changes over time, so try to use fresh pain-relieving oil to prevent any allergic reaction.
  3. Children and pregnancy: Try to consult a doctor before using on pregnant women and children.

Thus, various studies have called essential oils the best pain-relieving oils. If you feel pain in any body part, you can buy it from Tatvik Ayurveda. They have many body pain oils which are purely organic. Already thousands of people are using oils made by them. 

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