How To Care For Your Nails After A Gel Manicure Or Pedicure

You must have heard that "a person's nail tells a lot about them". And who in this world wouldn't wish to have pretty nails. Those long, shimmery, and bright nails make your hand look more beautiful. If not with nail paint, then simple, plain, white, and clean nails are loved by everyone.

Most people think that washing your hands regularly is all you need to have clean nails; however, that's not how you justify or define clean nails. There are still germs underneath your long nails or at the corner of your nails. The white stripes underneath your nails after a hand wash indicate your dry skin. To ensure your nails are beautiful, you must get a manicure done.

Moreover, when it comes to having clean nails, don't only think about your hand's nails; your feet' nails contain the same importance. And this is why you must get a pedicure too. It might look fancy and expensive to you, but there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself when it comes to showing self-love and self-care.

So, if pretty nails attract you, let them be, and if you can't grow real long nails, you can get a gel manicure for the sake of those pretty long nails. 

For those who aren't aware of what gel manicure is, let's have a look at it!

What is a gel manicure?

A gel manicure or pedicure is a manicurist applying clay or pre-mixed acrylic to your nails. Then this mixture is set under a small, portable Ultra Violet (UV) light machine. The coat of pre-mixed acrylic is applied at least three times on your nails to give you the best and most smooth nail extensions.

Getting a manicure and pedicure might look long and boring, but getting a nice massage, clean hands and feet, smooth skin, and getting pretty nails is all worth it when you get what you wish for.

The extension of pretty nails in gel manicure and pedicure might be expensive, but a solid manicure and pedicure can last up to 4 weeks. And to make sure that your gel manicure and pedicure last long for 4 weeks, there are some precautions you must take care of. Otherwise, your wait and money will go in vain.

So, if you have to get yourself a nice gel manicure and pedicure, or if you wish to get one, there are some precautions you must keep in mind to take care of your nails; below are some of the care tips you must follow.

Tips to Take Care of your Gel Manicure and Pedicure!

The process of getting a gel manicure might be expensive, and you wouldn't wish to ruin the joy of long and beautiful nails before their expiry date. So, to take good care of your extension nails here is what you can do after a nice session of manicure and pedicure spa.

Be Good Friends with Cuticle Oil

We are so involved in making our face look beautiful and flawless that we have completely neglected our nails. We apply so many products on our face to keep it clean, whether it starts with a face wash, followed by face scrub, serum, moisturising cream, toner, and whatnot. But when it comes to nails, have you ever thought of making your nails stronger? That area doesn't demand care as much as the face doesn't mean it is fine to neglect to care about your nails.

According to experts, you must apply cuticle oil on your cuticle and nails every day to moisturise and nourish your nails. Doing so will help your nails be stronger and smoother, and the manicure will last longer than the expected time. Now, if you are wondering why a healthy nail kit is so important, dry nails and cuticles have higher breakage rates. And by no means you would wish to get your manicure ruined by some stupidity. So, to make your nails and gel manicure strong, you must be good friends with cuticle oil. However, to ensure that it's organic.

Open toe footwear is your goal

When you get a nice manicure and pedicure spa, you will stay alert with your hand nails, but there are chances that you might neglect to protect your pedicure the same way you will protect your gel manicure. To keep your pedicure protected, applying a peach kernel nail kit (cuticle oil: it can be used on your nails of hands and feet) isn't enough, but you have to be attentive and careful.

You wouldn't wish to get your nice pedicure ruined by anything because apart from anything, you have given your time and money to it, and also, you wouldn't wish to miss a chance to show off your beautiful feet. So, the best advice for you here is to wear open-toe footwear, which not even by mistake gets touched with your gel pedicure. Moreover, here's one essential tip for you that you must keep in mind, try to avoid using gel nail polish on our gel pedicure and manicure to ensure your manicure and pedicure stay longer. So, instead of gel-based nail polish, you can apply any traditional nail polish.

Avoid picking heavy stuff and hot-water hand washes

There is no need to remind you again that your manicure is expensive and important for you; in place of taking care of your manicure and pedicure and securing them with a healthy nail kit, you better avoid picking heavy boxes or something that has the potential to ruin your manicure. To be honest, your gel manicure is a fake nail extension, and it isn't very reliable but something you can show off as much as you want. So, let's focus on showing off your nice manicure instead of picking heavy boxes because the gel clay isn't reliable but easily breakable.

Along with that, avoid washing your hands with hot water, because… hehehe! The clay has the chance of getting melted. So, avoid hot water for a few days immediately after your manicure and pedicure to give it the required time to settle properly on your nails. And with that being said, if you think that washing utensils are urgent, a glove might sound extra, but it is the best thing for you. So, to ensure the care of your manicure, apart from applying peach kernel nail kit cuticle oil, use gloves for your household chores.

Avoid cutting and filing your manicure and pedicure

Hold-on! Don't bring the thought of cutting or filing your manicure and pedicure. The manicurist has already done a great job by giving your manicure a nice shape, design and colour; giving your input might bring the chance of you ruining something you liked. If you think that you won't be able to handle long nails after a few days of getting your manicure and you would require giving your nails a cut, please pick a short gel manicure in the starting so that your manicure stays till the expected time.

Moreover, while applying body care products on your hands and feet, such as a moisturiser, ensure that you will be gentle with your manicure and pedicure. Leave the thought of rushing in the rushed hour; your gel manicure and pedicure require care. So, be careful and take care of your nails irrespective of long and short. However, ensure that the shape and size don't irritate you and stay the required time.

Tatvik Ayurveda provides you with your required care with its Peach Kernel nail kit to make your nails and cuticles strong, nourished and beautiful.

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