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 Organic. Pure. Ethical.

Tatvik Ayurveda’s Story

Let’s walk together through the world where primeval sagacity is immersed in contemporary aesthetics!

A Humble Brief to How Tatvik Ayurveda Happened!

Hailing from the land of blue Hills, mighty Rivers and tea plantations – Assam and born to a remarkable allopathic doctor couple, Ms Rimjhim Saikia was always interested in health and wellness ever since her childhood days.

Both her parents – father, Dr Putul Chandra Saikia (ENT Surgeon) and mother, Dr (Late) Archana Das (Doctor of medicine), had worked as Medical Research Experts supervising health schemes, having also worked as mentors to many medical students in the state of Assam. Organic food and herbal medicine is indigenious to Assam, hence Ms Rimjhim could experience best of both worlds – understanding of scientific research from her parents as well as experiencing traditional benefits of herbs – to shape up her interest in creating unique tested products with natural and herbal ingredients!

Hence being born to science experts, being raised amidst Mother Nature, plus an extensive work experience as a marketing professional in FMCG sector especially in beauty products helped Ms Rimjhim shape the quintessential brand – Tatvik Ayurveda.

Everything we witness under the sun in today’s world has its ancient root, and so has Tatvik Ayurveda! Established in the year 2016, Tatvik Ayurveda follows the natural methods used in ancient times for skincare using handpicked herbs.

In accordance with the ancient Ayurvedic regimen, Ms Rimjhim presents you with Tatvik Ayurveda’s wide assorted range of beauty and skincare products in the modern recyclable wrapping. No chemicals, no animal testing, and a BIG NO to harming the environment, Ms Rimjhim always wanted to bring completely natural products formulated with the ingredients directly taken from Mother Nature.

Everyone wishes for healthy and flawless skin, but considering the vicious circle of survival, it usually takes a back seat. And that’s when Tatvik Ayurveda comes to everyone’s rescue putting two and two together to make sure that customers get holistic skin health. This, in turn, gives you a salon-like experience minus all the chemical deals!

“If You Cannot Eat It, Do Not Use It On Your Skin.”

and that’s what Ms Rimjhim has always believed in, and that’s what Tatvik Ayurveda brings to you – Organic. Pure. Ethical. So, what’s the perfect food to satisfy the hunger pangs of your skin? The answer to this is – beauty products that are made of ingredients taken from plants and their extracts. These are naturally balanced and possess vibratory energy plus pure and nutritious properties, which are required for perpetual exquisiteness and to nurture the skin.

The entire range of products here are organic, pure, free from chemical, vegan and pragmatically pocket-friendly. We have a wide assortment of Ayurveda products predominantly infused with anti-oxidants, vitamins and natural oils for skincare, in-house under the strict guidance of medical and Ayurveda experts, in line with the quality standards to heal skin issues such as acne, tanning, and pigmentation to name a few.

A forerunner of deluxe Ayurveda, Tatvik Ayurveda combines the ancient beauty rituals of Ayurveda with a fashionable, contemporary appeal for a more pertinent prominence on effectiveness, sensorial affair and glee of usage. The products speak volumes for being top-quality, as that’s the forte, with a promise of adding a dash of gradual impetus to it as we go ahead. Plus these beautiful products are packed by community women.

Core Values

Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility seriously.

From the time of Tatvik Ayurveda’s inception, social responsibility has been one of the topmost priorities. Unlike a fad to follow, it has always been in mind to give back to nature what we take from it. Now, this is also the core principle of Ayurveda.





            4 Lakh +



Our Vision

Inspiring people to bring out their best and be their best – EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a behemoth beauty sphere for customers, having access to a wide range of 100% organic and cruelty-free Ayurveda products.

Core Team Members

 Ms. Rimjhim Saikia         Mr. N.N. Sudhanshu       Dr. P.C. Saikia

    Founder & CEO                    Co-Founder                        Advisor                         

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