Massage Oil Vs. Body Oil - Which One Is Best And Why?

Massage Oil Vs. Body Oil - Which One Is Best And Why?

Okay, here is a question– have you tried using body massage oil? Or body oil? Of any flavor? Would you like to know which one is best for you and why it has created so much buzz in the beauty industry? Don't worry if your answer is no to any of it; we are happy to tell you everything!

Many of you might not know that the significance of oils is not one of the newest phenomena. The existence of oils, especially for the body, has existed for thousands of years in ancient Egypt, India, and China, and since then, the benefit of oils have been endless.

We have always heard our parents & grandparents telling us about the magical benefits of oils, whether coconut, mustard, olive, or even jasmine. But did you wonder why they emphasized it so much on it? Now that you're probably a mature grown-up and wanting to live a healthy life with a little bit of excitement, relaxation, and a lot of self-love, for that reason, you might be curious to know. And what's the harm in that, right?

So, the longest-running debate on massage oil vs. body oil is about to end soon because we are here with some amazing deets that will help you understand the specific use of massage oil and body oil.

What is massage oil?

The concept of body massage oil is derived from aromatherapy. Unfortunately, due to its texture, you cannot use every other oil for massage. During massage therapy, there are various oils available for different purposes. However, the sole purpose of massage oil is to lubricate the skin and reduce friction, making the massage therapy smoother and more effective. It gives skin and hands better movement. In addition, massage oils are not supposed to be too dense because they have to be absorbed in the skin in a significant amount of time. But the massage oil should not be too light. That may easily get absorbed in the skin quickly.

In other phrases, massage oil helps in enhancing well-being and improves it through natural aroma and relaxation therapy which professionals often do.

What is body oil?

In contrast to massage oil, body oil is a greasy oil base that can range from different types and ingredients. They are lightweight and used on a regular basis at any point in time. Body oil is a nourishing formula that quickly absorbs into the skin. Surprisingly they are a lot more different than body lotion in terms of usage and benefits. If we talk about their composition, body oil is made with a rich carrier oil and essential oils that are easy to absorb on bare skin. They are best used right after a shower and help enhance the quality of your skin and maintain the oil balance. It keeps the outer layer of skin moist, soft, and silky.

Body oils are often used for light massage and not made for deeper massage therapy.

What Is The Difference Between Massage Oil And Body Oil?

Since body and Massage Oils are both oils, it is natural to think they are similar, if not the same, but there are stark differences between them. The skin absorbs body oils and massage oils in different ways, providing two distinct outcomes: Body oils help create soft and silky skin while massage oils relax tense muscles.

Now, you might be wondering if both massage oil and body oil are compressed as a similar formula, then what is the difference between these two? Well, they might look similar in texture, but they cannot be used for the same purpose and expect the best results.

And surprisingly, after almost 5000 years of existence of Ayurveda and its powerful healing technique, body massage is considered one of the most effective relaxations and stress-relieving therapies. Here are some points that may be useful for you to know your beauty essentials better.

Benefits Of Massage Oil

If you have had a rough week, you have done a ton of rushing things without resting up for a bit, and now your body is tired and so exhausted that you do not even want to sleep either. If your head feels heavy, your body is getting tender, and your muscles are sore daily, you do not need anything except a long, therapeutic experience of massage sessions. Read below the top benefits of massage oil; you will know some people manifest on oils of different kinds.

  1. Massage oil tightens muscles, along with all physiology
  2. Helps maintain healthy joints.
  3. Reduces fatigue, and other body pain
  4. Clams your nerves.
  5. Improve skin tone by adding glow to it.
  6. Increase energy and mental peace
  7. Increases mental energy and physical lateness
  8. Provides relaxation both mentally and physically.
  9. Improve blood circulation
  10. Promos better sleep cycle.
  11. Energize your mind and body and rejuvenates your soul.
  12. Nourishes the body and promotes longevity.

The benefit of body oil

Imagine coming out of a long, soothing shower in the morning and seeing your skin starving for a moisturizer; the first thing that will come to your mind is either oil or lotion; while lotions are thinner, they do not last long as compared to body oil. It absorbs quickly and stays longer throughout the day. If only you use the organically produced plant-based, cruelty-free body oils that are specially made for your skin type. And you won't believe it, there are millions of body oil brands available on the market, but you may not want to trust all of them. Hence, the simple tip is to find only natural ingredient-based products that are not harmful to the skin and hold Ayurveda features. Here are some of the benefits of Ayurveda body oil that will make you fall for it.

Major Benefits of Body Oils

  1. Locks moisture and maintains oil balance
  2. Keeps the skin hydrated for a longer period of time.
  3. Make skin softer and smoother
  4. Useful n any weather
  5. Helps in filling the gaps of broken skin.
  6. Reduces dryness and flaking, resulting in a softer surface.
  7. Vitamin C serum is best for the face and comes with anti-aging properties
  8. Oils are best for skin protection from the sun.
  9. The best remedy for Vitamin A, C, and E is effective for free radical protection and collagen production.
  10. It can be used on stretch marks, scars, and dryness.
  11. Many essential oils effectively eliminate dry patches on the skin, especially for eczema patients.

Final Verdict!

With a comparative study of massage and body oil, we may say that the only difference between the two is that massage oils are lightweight and glide smoother on the skin. It can be used for massage. On the other hand, body oils contain richer amounts of carrier oils which can also be used for massage but for deeper and longer massage sessions. They are greaser and used to lubricate the skin and reduce dryness, which has the main purpose of moistening the skin. But if you haven't used any of it, Tatvik Ayurveda brings you a special collection of relaxing body massage oil and body oil, which are perfect for your skin. The massage oil reduces bodily and mental tension, while body oil prevents dryness, rashes, and broken skin. Ensure using them both for the right purpose to see effective results. Until then, stay happy and healthy with naturally produced Ayurvedic products, which are absolutely ideal for your and mother nature!

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