How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face

Everyone wants to have clean and radiant skin, whether they are male or female. Nobody wants dry and uneven skin with dark spots on the face. Dark Spots can hamper your confidence in front of others, be it your friends or relatives. Clear and glowing skin gives you confidence in front of others. 

Have you ever wondered why these dark spots occur on the face? And, if they occur, then how to treat them. In this blog, we will discuss the causes of dark spots and how to get rid of dark spots on face. We will also discuss the natural remedies you can try at home to clear dark spots.

What are Dark Spots?

Pigmentation means the colouring of your skin. Dark spots arise due to hyperpigmentation which is a common skin condition. It occurs when our skin produces more melanin as compared to body requirements. It occurs due to the sun's radiation, ageing, scarring and pimples. Dark spots are harmless, but they make your skin dull.


Dark spots can occur on any part of the body, but majorly it occurs on the face, back, shoulders, and the back of the hands. It varies in size and can range from light brown to dark brown. The dark spot, which is a few shades darker than skin colour, usually fades in 5-6 months. But, spots with deeper colouration may take a year to fade away.

What causes dark spots on the face?

The overproduction of melanin is responsible for dark spots. It is also known as hyperpigmentation and develops due to 

  • Ageing
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause Melasma, a skin condition that causes discolouration in small patches.
  • Sun Exposure causes tanning and dark spots on the part of the body exposed directly to the sun.
  • Pimples often leave dark spots on the face, which is very common among teenagers and people with oily skin.

Some Quick DIY at Home to Get Rid of Dark Spots Naturally

Here, we are listing some quick do-it-yourself (DIY) methods you can try at home to prevent age spots and reduce acne scars. These methods include common home ingredients to protect your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Yes, does this sound crazy to you? But it's true; water is the best home remedy to prevent dark spots. Drinking plenty of water will not only hydrate your body but will also eliminate all the toxins from the body. Always drink at least 5-6 litres of water during summer and 4-5 litres of water during winter to keep your body free from toxins. It is the most natural way to develop smooth, clear and glowing skin.

Lemon Juice and Yoghurt Face Mask

We all are familiar with the benefit of lemon juice. It is rich in Vitamin C and a good bleaching agent due to the presence of citric acid. The combination of lemon juice and yoghurt works excellent in removing dark spots. You may add sugar to the face mask, which can be used to scrub dead skin cells that occur due to sun exposure. It is an effective home remedy for healthy skin.


Buttermilk contains a high amount of lactic acid, which clears dead skin from your face. Apply it directly to the dark spot with the help of cotton balls and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your face with clean water for the best results.


It is a good skin toner and helps to bring a natural glow to your face. Make a paste of raw tomato and apply it over your face like a face mask. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash your face with clean water. It reduces acne scars and is suitable for all skin tones and sensitive skin.

Apply Honey

Honey is a nourishing agent which also helps in reducing dark spots. Apply it directly to the affected part of the skin. It also replenishes dry skin and reduces age spots. Use it daily for soft and healthy skin.


Papaya is rich in enzymes and natural elements which help in curing dark spots. Make a paste of raw papaya and apply it to your face as a mask. Leave it for 20 minutes to dry and rinse it off with clean water. Repeat this method every alternate day to get the best results.

Natural Remedies to get rid of dark spots on the face 

These are some of the best natural remedies to treat dark spots and control the production of melanin.

Besan, Haldi & Kesar Face Ubtan

This is an effective way to cure dark spots, reduce acne, and soften and clean the skin. You can buy Besan, Haldi,& Kesar Face Ubtan from Tatvik Ayurveda. It contains the goodness of saffron, sandalwood, turmeric and gram flour. These ingredients are organically grown and prepared naturally without any chemical substances in them. It will not cause any side effects to the skin. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties, which reduce skin inflammation and lighten the skin.

How to Use?

  • Take two tablespoons of ubtan in a bowl.
  • Add an appropriate amount of milk into the bowl and mix it well.
  • Make sure the mixture is not lumpy, and wait for 5 minutes till the ubtan absorbs the milk.
  • Apply it to your face and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your face with cold water.

Sandalwood & Basil Face Ubtan

Use Sandalwood & Basil Face Ubtan to treat acne scars and dark spots. It contains sandalwood oil, basil oil and brown clay, which absorbs the dead skin cells from the skin and gives you glowing skin. The basil oil present in this product helps to combat acne and treat eczema/psoriasis. Additionally, sandalwood oil reduces sun tan, skin inflammation and blackheads. 

How to Apply?

  • Take the ubtan in the bowl and add milk to it.
  • Mix it well and apply it all over the face with your fingers or brush.
  • Rinse your face with clean water.
  • Use it twice a week for the best results.

Anti-Pigmentation Kit

The Anti-Pigmentation Kit is an effective solution for acne and dark spots developed due to sun exposure. The kit consists of Vitamin C Serum, Sandalwood Pack, Milk & Almond Cleanser, Licorice Sheet Mask, Aloe Vera Sunscreen, Green Tea scrub, Sandalwood & Turmeric Cream and Licorice Gel.

How to Apply?

  • Clean your face with normal/lukewarm water using a cleanser. 
  • After cleansing your face, scrub gently for 5 -6 minutes.
  • Apply sheet mask or face pack and let it dry for 20-30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Apply serum and message with fingertips for about 1 minute.
  • Now apply gel and massage in a circular motion for 2 minutes.
  • Apply cream for moisturization and sunscreen to protect your skin from sun exposure.

Brightening & Lightening Face Serum

The Brightening & Lightening Face Serum is packed with exotic natural oils and nutrients which cure dry skin, reduce ageing and blemishes and improve skin tone. It also prevents our skin from harmful UV radiation and lightens the dark spots. It contains the goodness of Kesar Oil, Raw Saffron, Lotus Oil, Witch Hazel, Raw Organic Honey Extract and plant glycerin.

How to Use?

  • Take some drops of serum on your palm and gently massage it on your face with your fingers.
  • Avoid rubbing it too hard and let your skin absorb the serum.
  • Leave it overnight for the best result.

Choose Tatvik Ayurveda to Cure Dark Spots

We at Tatvik Ayurveda provide natural skin care solutions which are effective for all skin types. It does not cause any side effects due to its natural composition. We are a well-known brand in the Ayurveda skin care industry, providing ayurvedic treatment for modern lifestyle issues of people. You can buy these products from our official website.


Q.1 How can I remove dark spots on my face fast?

Ans. Use Sandalwood and Basil Face Ubtan to remove your dark spots. You can also try the Anti-Pigmentation kit by Tatvik Ayurveda for quick results.

Q.2 How do I get rid of dark spots on my face naturally?

Ans. Use Besan, Haldi & Kesar Face Ubtan to get rid of dark spots. It is a natural way to get rid of spots using natural home ingredients.

Q.3 Do dark spots go away on the face?

Ans. Use face masks, serums and face packs to clear acne and dark spots.

Q.4 What causes face dark spots?

Ans. It is caused due to hyperpigmentation, a skin condition where the skin produces more melanin as required, which causes dark skin. Sun exposure is also a reason for dark spots.

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