What is SPF in Sunscreen?

What is SPF in Sunscreen?

Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreens

Don't step out, the sun will give you a skin burn! If you are tired of hearing these words constantly every summer season, here's a solution. Apply sunscreen SPF 15 for a better layer of protection. Your skin pleads for protection from the sun and UV radiation, and you can't find anything better than the Sunscreen itself. Standing strong like a wall between your skin and the UV radiation, Sunscreen is the best organic product you could use before stepping out in the sun.

This piece of write-up contains everything you need to know about Sunscreen. So, without wasting another minute, let's get started.

Summers and Sunscreens

As the summer season has arrived in style, it has brought the joy of numerous things, such as going for swimming sessions in the morning or evening, the luscious lick of favourite ice creams, and the extra time to enjoy the long days. Although, one more thing that has come along with the summer season is the sun's unwanted bright and harmful rays.

With each passing day, the temperature increases, and so is the power of the sun and the UV rays. The connection between summers and sunscreen creams is always going to walk parallel to each other.

Gone are those years when we were locked behind closed doors in our homes because of the coronavirus spread; however, now things are getting back on track; for each of us to step out and go to work in that glazing summer heat.

What can be done to protect your skin from harmful UV rays? Well, the best cure you can give to yourself in the summer season is the use of sunscreen SPF 15. You have already heard of it, don't you? And still, you haven't tired of using it for once to protect your skin? Well, no issues if you haven't tried Sunscreen until now; we believe after reading this blog, you will be able to know how and why you should apply Sunscreen in summer.

What is SPF?

This blog is a guide for you to be familiar with Sunscreen; let's start with knowing what SPF in a sunscreen cream is.

SPF is also referred to as the Sun Protection Factor. It is always mentioned on the sunscreen cream packaging how much SPF is presented in the cream. There are various types of sunscreens; as the words unfold, you will get to know about it all.

Doesn't matter if your skin type is sensitive, oily, dry, or rough; for every skin type, irrespective of gender, applying Sunscreen before stepping out in the sun is essential. Sunscreen cream with different SFPs is great for different times of use.

Why do we need Sunscreen?

We, the people living on Earth, why do we need Sunscreen? It is an interesting question because you will find it funny after knowing that animals don't use sunscreens. You will also find it funny that they don't even care what Sunscreen is, they might not require the protection from the hot summer sun, but your skin does. A sunscreen cream works as a shield to protect your skin from tanning, skin irritation, rashes, and many more things.

When we go out in the sun, the skin directly contacts the harmful rays, denoted as UV radiation. There are two types of UV radiation, and both of them have the power to cause major damage to the human skin. The two types are;

UVA Rays: The UVA rays cause skin damage, which leads to tanning, skin ageing, and wrinkles. Even the shortest wavelength of UVA rays can cause sunburn.

UVB Rays: The UVB rays also cause sunburn and they also play a key role in causing skin cancer.

The SPF number mentioned on a sunscreen package refers to the amount of protection from the UV rays.

Now let's walk toward knowing the types of SPFs

Types of SPFs

Just look at the irony of nature. The sun is essential for us in the winters as it provides Vitamin C, that same sun we hate in summers because its rays become the reason for causing skin rashes or skin burns.

Well, for each of us, there are different types of SPFs present in sunscreen creams to protect our skin as per our wants.

However, before jumping on to knowing the types of SPFs in Sunscreen, here is one essential tip.

While applying sunscreen before stepping out of the house, make sure you apply Sunscreen in the exact amount mentioned on the Sunscreen packaging. Moreover, the UV rays are already harmful to our body; make sure that sunscreen is completely natural and counts as an organic product for better healing and care of your skin.

Now, some of the highly used sunscreens with the different types of SPFs are as follows:

·         Sunscreen SPF 13

·         Sunscreen SPF 15

·         Sunscreen SPF 20

·         Sunscreen SPF 30

·         Sunscreen SPF 50

The numbers go on, but do remember that it isn't like this; the higher the number, the more the protection. No, out of all the sunscreens mentioned above, it's sunscreen SPF 30, which dermatologists advise to be the best sunscreen cream to protect your skin from UV rays.

Now let's move towards knowing how many protections are provided by which sunscreen cream.

Most Effective SPFs

You can't stop yourself from going out; for one reason or the other, you have to step out of your home and face the sun and the UV rays. However, it isn't just sun and UV rays that harm your body or facial skin; other factors such as dirt, dust, and pollution also damage your skin.

For keeping your skin protected from dirt and pollution, you have your CTM routine, the most effective formula for the best skincare regime. However, when we talk about protection from the sun, it has to be sunscreen SPF 30 for you to apply before you step out of your home.

Sunscreen with different SPFs has different time intervals to protect your skin. For example, if you are applying sunscreen SPF 15, you will get the protection of approximately 150 minutes from the sun, and then you have to reapply the sunscreen cream.

The Sunscreen SPF index is;

·         Sunscreen SPF 15 protects 93%

·         Sunscreen SPF 30 protects 97%

·         Sunscreen SPF 50 protects 98%

Out of all the above-mentioned Sunscreen SPFs, you know which one is better for you and why, but always remember to look at the package and opt for naturally curated and organic products for your skin issues, such as dealing with sunburn.

Cure Organically

Skin burns and other skin irritations are already too harsh on your body; with chemically curated products, you can never take a chance of getting your skin condition worse than it already is. So, when you wish to pick a sunscreen, you should opt for organic products. With nature's goodness, you will be able to give your skin smooth protection on those red rashes and patches of sunburns.

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