Hibiscus for Hair Growth: How to Use It and Benefits

Hibiscus for Hair Growth: How to Use It and Benefits

The Hibiscus flower has an important place in Ayurveda. In India, we use it for both religious and medicinal purposes. Did you know that this bright red flower helps hair growth and reduces baldness? Yes, you heard right. This flower you commonly see in your surroundings effectively reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth even in bald patches.

In this blog, we will not only explore the benefits of hibiscus for hair growth, but we will also study the ways you can use hibiscus at home. You will also learn how to use hibiscus at home to treat hair loss and boost hair health. Research has shown that hibiscus leaves and flower extracts strengthen your hair and are beneficial for hair health. 

Benefits of Hibiscus for Hair 

This beautiful plant is well known for its benefits in reducing dandruff, hair loss, and repairing damaged hair. We have listed below some of the benefits of hibiscus for hair growth. 

Stimulates Hair Growth

Hibiscus helps to promote hair growth because it contains antioxidants like amino acids, vitamin C and flavonoids. According to research, a deficiency of amino acids in the body results in hair fall. Hibiscus contains keratin, a protein created through the synthesis of numerous amino acids, which is the main component of hair. Therefore, amino acids are necessary for the growth of hair. Hibiscus leaves strengthen your hair strands since they are rich in amino acids. 

Prevent Baldness 

Hibiscus leaves and flowers are beneficial in treating Alopecia which is a condition that leads to extreme hair fall and baldness. According to Ayurveda, hormonal imbalance leads to hair fall, which leads to excess heat in our body. It is known as pitta dosha in Ayurveda. Hibiscus balances pitta dosha in our body and reduces hair fall.

Provides Deep Conditioning

Another important benefit of hibiscus is that it helps in conditioning our hair. It contains mucilage, a natural conditioning agent that nourishes our hair and locks the moisture in, which gives your hair a smooth texture and shining appearance. It also protects your hair from pollution and dirt present in the air. 

Treats Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Dandruff and itchy scalp are one of the common hair issues people faces in their daily life. It is caused due to excess oil secretion. However, both dry scalp and dandruff cause flaky and itchy scalp. Hibiscus helps maintain the hair's pH balance and reduces oil secretion. Additionally, it provides a soothing and cooling effect to the scalp.

Prevents Grey Hair 

Oxidative stress is responsible for the premature greying of hair. Research confirms that the hair turns grey due to the sun's UV rays and emotional, psychological, and inflammatory stress, which damages hair follicles. Thankfully, hibiscus contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can control free radicals and oxidative stress levels. Hence, it is very effective in preventing premature grey hair.

Prevent Scalp Build up

Hibiscus gently cleans the outer layer of the scalp and removes dirt which prevents scalp build-up. It contains AHAs, which help in reducing itching, dirt, and scalp infections. Thus, the hibiscus plant is beneficial for a healthy scalp.

For Curly Hair

Hibiscus contains mucilage fibre which benefits curly and wavy hair. It improves hair strands and adds elasticity and volume to your hair to give you perfect bouncy curls, and keratin protein provides strength to your hair. 

How to use Hibiscus at Home

use Hibiscus at Home

We have understood that hibiscus is beneficial in curing hair issues and promoting hair volume. Now, we will explore how you can use it at home. Hibiscus can be utilized in numerous ways, like shampoo, hair oil, soap, and conditioner. It adds benefits when combined with other natural ingredients.

Coconut & Hibiscus Oil 

Hibiscus cleans the scalp and promotes hair growth. When combined with coconut, it gives you smooth and moisturized hair. To use it at home, you require 6-8 hibiscus flowers and grind them well to make a smooth paste. Take one cup of coconut hair oil, mix the paste, and heat them together. Massage it on your scalp for about 10 minutes and wash it with a mild cleanser for the best results.

If you can't find hibiscus flowers, you can also buy Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Oil from Tatvik Ayurveda. This hair oil contains extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, hibiscus extract, Reetha extract and the goodness of argan oil. It is prepared with 100% natural ingredients and has no side effects on your hair. 

Hibiscus Shampoo for cleansing

Due to its cleansing nature, hibiscus can also be utilized in shampoo. Unlike ordinary shampoo, the naturally made hibiscus shampoo cleans the hair while maintaining moisture of the hair. You can choose Vetiver and Hibiscus Shampoo to cure extreme hair fall and dryness. 

It maintains the pH balance of your scalp and strengthens the hair. It contains vetiver extract, hibiscus extract, glycerine, and raw organic honey. Together these ingredients provide a smooth texture to your hair and reduce split ends. The glycerine and raw honey in the shampoo cure the dry scalp and nourish the hair. 

How to use 

  • Wet your hair with normal or lukewarm water 
  • Now add pea size amount of shampoo to your hair.
  • Massage it until leather forms and leave it for 1 minute so that your hair absorbs the nutrients in the shampoo.
  • Rinse it off thoroughly with clean normal water.

Hibiscus Hair conditioner

Hibiscus contains amino acids, which makes it an excellent hair conditioner. The presence of keratin in the hibiscus helps strengthen the hair and reduces hair breakage. To get the desired benefits, always prefer conditioner, which contains hibiscus as the main ingredient. 

How to apply?

Always apply it after cleaning your hair with shampoo for the best result.

  • Rinse the shampoo from your hair.
  • Take a pea-sized conditioner and apply it to your damp hair. 
  • Rinse it off after 5 minutes with clean water.
  • Do not apply conditioner to your scalp.

Hibiscus Shampoo Bar

Hibiscus can also be used in soap to prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth. The Onion, Hibiscus & Avocado Shampoo Bar is one such product specially designed to give you the benefits of shampoo in the form of soap. The onion extract in this soap moisturize dry and brittle hair, and the tulsi extract promotes hair growth. It contains raw organic honey, tulsi extract, coconut oil, olive oil, onion extract, hibiscus extract and avocado butter. It is 100% paraben free and has no side effects on the skin.

Why Choose Tatvik Ayurveda? 

Tatvik uses ancient Indian ayurvedic wisdom to cure contemporary hair care needs. We provide 100% natural and ayurvedic hair treatment. Our products use organically grown natural ingredients, so don't worry about any side effects.


Q.1 Does hibiscus prevent greying of hair?

Ans. Yes, hibiscus contains antioxidants that prevent greying of hair. The vitamin C present in hibiscus prevents premature greying of hair.

Q.2 How can I use hibiscus for hair growth?

Ans. Hibiscus is effective for hair growth. Various researchers have found that hibiscus helps in reducing baldness.

Q.3 Does hibiscus thicken hair?

Ans. Hibiscus thickens hair because it contains keratin, which helps in increasing hair volume. 

Q.4 Can we apply hibiscus to hair daily?

Ans. Yes, you can apply hibiscus daily in the form of oil to nourish your hair. You can also use hibiscus shampoo and conditioner to treat baldness and hair fall.

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