Use Of Lemongrass as Beauty and Aromatic Ingredient

Use Of Lemongrass as Beauty and Aromatic Ingredient

Lemongrass Herb used as best beauty and aromatic Ingredient

Lemongrass is citrus scented and refreshing herb which is used for various purposes. It acts as great beauty and aromatic ingredient used in Ayurvedic products like essential oils which is best used for aromatherapy. Lemongrass is a long thread-like grass that is packed with wonderful healing qualities inside.

It has a slightly lemony smell to it, but lighter and milder. Lemongrass oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation and is widely used in many skin care products and in perfumes and deodorants because of its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. The cooling and relaxing properties of lemongrass also make it a great ingredient for aromatherapy. Lemongrass besides being a staple taste enhancer in Southeast Asian dishes has also a throng of nutrients like Vitamin A and C which are great for the health of the skin and hair.

Besides that, lemongrass is also rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous etc. that benefits the health. Lemongrass is mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions like Sri Lanka, China, India, and Indonesia but because it is a fast-growing plant and very profitable, it is easily grown all over the world. The Vitamin A and C content in lemongrass makes it bring back the shine to the skin and provide it a very neat and natural appearance. Lemongrass has high value astringent properties that help to keep the pores minimized and controls the oil levels checked, by further preventing untimely pimples from popping. Using lemongrass oil as a warm facial steam can help cleanse and open the pores of your skin and make it easier for dirt and excessive oils to remove from.

The anti-inflammatory properties in lemongrass make it a very strong ingredient in tackling cancer tissues and can help excellently in tackling skin irritations and treating skin inflammation caused by acne and making the skin smooth and soothing. Lemongrass also has rich antimicrobial property which is an excellent treatment for many skin related problems including cellulites and cold sores and also helps kill and remove bacteria trapped in the pores of the skin. Lemongrass is a universal herb used for various purposes. Lemongrass oil has a very relaxing, and refreshing scent which aids in relieving fatigue and tiredness.

It can also aid in reducing muscle and joint pain, or soreness, headaches, and migraine because of its calming effect and its huge ability to eliminate pressure and tension that causes pain. Furthermore, the soothing and calming effects of lemongrass oil helps keep anxiety and tiredness at bay. Lemongrass is famous for calming the mind and the body resulting in sedation, and loosening up of the muscles to allow a peaceful sleep.

Lemongrass has high power in eliminating anxiety and depression, it strengthens the mental health and nerves and boosts self-esteem and allows a person to have and project a very open and positive outlook towards the self and the world around. Lemongrass scent is also a great mosquito and flea repellent and protects your room and surrounding from all kinds of evening guests that are disease carriers. Lemongrass oil can help tighten up your muscles and improve your blood circulation by giving you immediate relief from muscle spasms, and various other muscle and joint pains. The anti-inflammatory agents present in lemongrass is beneficial in treating with headaches, backaches, sprains, and muscle knots. In order to rob the best out of lemongrass, use it in a diffuser or by applying few drops on your pillow to experience a heavenly feeling and extra restful sleep.
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