Your Super Handy Guide To Female Intimate Wash

Your Super Handy Guide To Female Intimate Wash

In the 21st century, when the world is flooded with an enormous range of beauty products, the beauty industry has progressed leaps and bounds; specific products for each body part exist. Unfortunately, we women still shy away from talking about the essential organ of our body–The vagina! Well, you may not want to scream out loud, but you can certainly talk about the female intimate wash and how to take care of your close-knit area for a very good reason. We often take good care of our eyes, skin, nails, and hair but sadly ignore some basic symptoms of the vagina and vulva. But not anymore!

So, ladies, it is time to embrace the goddess in you and please your vag by knowing it better and treating it with gentleness! This blog is a quick guide to female intimate wash, hygiene care, and some supremely assorted tips to keep yourself fresh, clean, and MUCH irritation-free.

What is Female Intimate Wash Anyway?

The meaning of female intimate wash is not a secret for many women out there who love the lady V! But since it is still a hush-hush topic to the majority, we thought of breaking it to you– the female intimate wash is a mild soap-based solution available in the translucent form. They are specially made for women to keep the intimate space clean. It is usually available online under the personal hygiene care category and even in medical stores. 

Who Can Use The Female Intimate Wash?

There are no such boundaries for women to evade intimate washes. Hence every woman can use it on a regular basis. However, it would be best if you preferred to choose the originally made female intimate wash that is paraben-free and is completely safe for sensitive areas. Surprisingly, the herbal products can be used during pregnancy and at "that time of the month." So, anyone experiencing dryness, irritation, excessive white discharge, and weird odor in the vaginal region can apply the intimate wash. Keeping good hygiene by using mild herbal-gel formula is the best way to go with hygiene care.

How To Use Female Intimate Washes?

It is super easy but important to know a few steps as many adults are unaware of the process of using the female intimate wash. First of all, use warm water in the intimate area covering genitalia and nearby skin. Take a drop of organic female intimate wash and whip it on both palms. Apply the gel to your pubic area, and let it spread all over the region. Rub the wash gently over the skin a few times. Rinse it off thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to remove the foam. Dab the intimate area with a clean towel a few times, ensuring any moisture is not left.

What Do Medical Experts Say About Special Hygiene Care? 

Vaginal health is an important factor in maintaining women's overall health, which can be affected by multiple stimuli– medication, diet, stress, clothing, and exercise.

As doctors or dermatologists have their scientific studies on the Hygiene Care and routine for women's health, here is what they have to say about the importance of intimate cleaning– 

Your vagina has an acidic pH that aids good bacteria in staying healthy and prevents bad bacteria from causing fungal infections. When you practice a good hygiene routine, it becomes easier to keep bacterial infections at bay.

The normal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5 and is considered slightly acidic. However, the range may vary according to your age. For example, if a woman is in her reproductive years, the ph level must be below or equal to 4.5, but if a woman is in her teenage years or before menstruation and menopause, the pH level is generally above 4.5.

In addition to this, they also recommend a few hacks to maintain intimate hygiene by using mild soaps or organic products, because harsh and chemically produced soaps and cleansers can disrupt the pH level and cause irritation to the vagina. These products also contain a pH level between 9 to 12 which is generally harmful to your vagina & vulva. As a result, make it dry and create odor, irritation, and excessive secretion. Furthermore, here are some of the assorted list tips for you to start your hygiene care routine.

Few Tips You May Like To Get Started With Your Personal Hygiene Routine

  1. For starters, wear clean undergarments every day.
  2. If you use a female intimate wash, rinse the intimate area well. Lukewarm water is best to wash off the soap.
  3. Got a visit from Aunt Flow? Remember to change sanitary pads or tampons after every few hours.
  4. Avoid using your normal body soap or shampoos if you really love lady V!
  5. Do not fall for scented, chemically made products. Rather check out some female intimate wash made with plant extracts such as cucumber, lavender, and olive oil. Within a few days of optimum use, you'll feel cleaner, healthier, and, umh… as fresh as a flower beneath!
  6. Do not trap yourself in heavy clothing while in bed. How about no cloth at all? Wear loose lounge pants or shorts to keep yourself free from sweat. However, cotton clothes are breathable but rather hold moisture which may cause sweat and ugh bacterias on the way!
  7. You did great at the gym! But are you going to stay in those sweaty pants? Certainly not. So, wash the sweat off using a cruelty-free personal wash that keeps bad bacteria at bay.
  8. Keep a healthy lifestyle, and don't forget to stay hydrated.
  9. Your vagina knows how to self-clean, so do not douche over!
  10. Not that it is new information; USE CONDOM to prevent sexually transmitted disorders!

What Best Does Organic Products Bring to Your Body?

Organic products are made with natural ingredients that are gentle in nature. On the other hand, chemical products are made with chemicals that may harm your skin. And since we are talking intimate health, that region is super sensitive you do not want to cause any harm to it by using those harsh chemicals.

Herbal Intimate Washes to Try

Now that you know what are the uses of female intimate wash, there are a few products you may want to get your hands on, especially the female intimate wash made with natural ingredients.

Wrap Up!

On that note, we have tried summing up pretty much everything about the female intimate wash and how to remain sassy down there! And one last thing– do not hold your thoughts and queries about that beautiful genitalia that you have and be open to talking to your health providers and even your lady friends. Because ladies! The more you know, the better you do.

As we talk about organic, Tatvik Ayurveda is the go-to brand that offers you a range of female intimate wash especially made with plant-based ingredients that are best to keep the intimate area happy and healthy.

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