Lavender Soap - A Refreshing Soap with Exotic Fragrance.

Lavender is considered as a flower which unites the lovers! Lavender Flowers are known for its unique exotic fragrance which is refreshing and soothing. Lavender consists of both the qualities of lavender essential oil and flowers to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin. A little sprinkling of yarrow herb with naturally astringent properties helps to keep the skin balanced and reduce excess oils. Lavender is great for all skin types and keeps away from all irritation. Lavender is unique in smell and got soothing fragrances from nature extracted ingredients.  

The essential oil extracted directly from the beautiful little lavender flowers is full of medicinal properties. Lavender is a crucial ingredient in aromatherapy with its calming, satisfying, and sedative effects on the body and mind. The Tatvik Bath and Body Pure Lavender Soap bring you an outstanding combination of Lavender Essential Oil, Glycerine, Raw Organic Honey Extracts, and Shea Butter. The Lavender Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that fights acne and inflammation causing bacteria and also reduces swelling and redness of the skin.

The Lavender Essential Oil is a good pain reliever and also quite helpful in easing burns and removing marks caused by them because its anti-inflammatory properties stimulates the cell formation which in turn reduces scarring and helps the burns to heal fast. The Pure Lavender Soap having pure lavender essential oil makes it an excellent relief provider to tired muscles and a tired mind. Lavender Soap when used on feet can easily help clear rough patches by softening the skin on the feet and providing hydration to it. Lavender Oil has a long history of its traditional medicinal uses in order to promote a good night sleep. 

The Lavender Oil has rich sleep inducing properties which come in handy for individuals suffering from insomnia, tiredness, and exhaustion as it soothes the nervous system and allows one to have a long peaceful sleep. The Pure Lavender Soap has powerful antioxidants which potentially inhibits the growth of skin bacteria and fights strictly against harmful pollutants on the skin. Considering how much worst the climate and environment has become, with all kinds of probable bacteria and microbes wreaking havoc in our skin, The Tatvik Bath and Body Pure Lavender Soap is a great option that will look after the health of your skin. Because Lavender Oil is a sedative and has anti-convulsive effects, it is very effective in treating anxiety and depression by providing you with the right kind of relaxation and making you feel the right amount of calmness.

The use of Lavender Soap can also induce relief to varieties of headaches such as migraines, nervous, sinus, general, and tension headaches. The healing and soothing properties of The Lavender Soap can also helps in healing cracked heals. Alos it is useful in treating wounds by facilitating fast cell growth while the soap’s antimicrobial properties guard you from any sort of wound infections. The Lavender Soap’s ability to cure itching reduces the symptoms of eczema. It adds moisture to the irritated parts by decongestion which further maximises the healing process.

The Tatvik Bath and Body Pure Lavender Soap is also a great toner. It keeps the firmness of the skin in check by boosting circulation, which results in a proper and required supply of oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. The whole process keeps the skin cells healthy and boosts their renewal process by huge amounts. There’s not much that has been said about it but Lavender Soap can be very effective in tackling hair loss, keeping in mind the main and recurring reasons behind hair loss is anxiety, stress and depression which Lavender Oil can easily handle and tackle. Using the Pure Lavender Soap is a keen to having a de-stressing therapy because of its intensely calming effect that soothes the skin and reduces most of the skin concerns caused by bacteria, infections etc.

The pleasant aroma of pure lavender essential oil reduces stress, relaxes the mind and is a true provider of goodness and happiness to the mind and body. The Shea Butter content adds that extra smoothness your skin requires, making it fresh and supple. The great combination of Glycerine and the Extracts from Raw Organic Honey gently cleanses, nourishes, moisturises, and tones the skin giving it a much brighter appeal that cannot be ignored. The Lavender Soap from Tatvik Bath & Body is Paraben free and chemical free. 

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