5 Astonishing Advantages of Abhyanga

5 Astonishing Advantages of Abhyanga

Everyone has heard the sayings, "Love yourself before you can love anyone else," "Prioritize your own health before you can effectively care for others," etc.

Although the above truth is simple to understand, it can be difficult to put into practice in our busy, modern lives. It can be a superhuman effort for the person who strives to do everything every day, and setting priorities for ourselves is frequently the last thing on our minds.

Intention is the first step. Since you're reading this, you most likely already have the intention—or at the very least, the willingness to have the intention. Now let's get going. Abhyanga, an ayurvedic form of self-massage, is a great way to start showing our bodies some love as we cultivate the intention to put our own well-being first!

How to do Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage?

It sounds easy, and it is, so how exactly is Ayurveda practiced?

  • Apply warm, comfortable massage oil.
  • Lightly coat your entire body with the oil after dipping your fingertips into the heated mixture.
  • After giving your skin a few minutes to absorb some of the oil, massage your entire body with even pressure using your palms and fingers.
  • Apply straight strokes to areas that are straight, like your arms and legs, and circular motions to areas that are rounded, like your head or joints.
  • Use gentle pressure on delicate regions like the abdomen or the heart.
  • Apply more oil and stay longer in areas where nerve endings are concentrated, like the base of the fingernails, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet.

Let the oil and massage work their magic for five to fifteen minutes after we're done. The oil penetrates deeper the longer it is applied. We can rest, read something uplifting and calming, shave, trim our nails, and get ready for the day during this time. If desired, remove extra oil with paper towels before taking a soothing warm bath or shower. Should your schedule not permit a daily massage, at least prioritize scheduling one several times per week.

Benefits of daily Abhyanga

Abhyanga has a lot of advantages, some of which might surprise you! These are a few of our top takeaways from consistent abhyanga practice:

1. Calms the nerves

Abhyanga is excellent for relaxing and easing the nervous system as a whole. The more times you do it, the bigger the impact. Even in the midst of the hectic activities of daily life, you might notice an overall sense of calm and peace. When faced with tough choices or circumstances, Abhyanga can support us in remaining more composed and clear-headed.

2. Boosts endurance and alertness levels all day long

A wonderful and often overlooked advantage of self-massage with organic massage oils is improved energy and stamina all through the day. This happens as a result of the massaging action's ability to increase metabolism, nourish and replenish muscles and skin tone, balance internal organ function, and maximize the body's capacity to flush out and eliminate toxins. As if that weren't already enough, it also revitalizes and energises the body's cells. Oh my! Even just thinking about it gives me energy.

3. Better, deeper sleep at night

Shortly before bed is a great time to practice abhyanga if you're having trouble falling asleep. Take some extra time in the evening to decompress and enjoy a warm-oil massage followed by a warm bath. Grab your favorite scented massage oil.

4. Detox and healthy weight management

Daily abhyanga practice is an excellent detoxifying technique. Warm oil massage facilitates the release of toxins from the body's soft tissues, enabling our bodies' elimination systems to eliminate them. If we take benefits of this advantages and follow it up with regular exercise, then abhyanga can support weight management that is healthy in addition to being an effective daily the detox process. Abhyanga tones the muscles and increases blood flow, which enhances a regular exercise regimen.

5. More “you time”

The Sanskrit word sneha means both "oil" and "love," which is fascinating and probably not a coincidence given that the effects of abhyanga are similar to receiving loving care on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. Both encounters can evoke a profound sense of security, coziness, and comfort.

We are effectively telling ourselves and people close to us that yes, we do deserve to be taken care of, fed, and loved when we prioritize this self-care practice. Finding "me time" will become easier the more we prioritize our needs and wants, even though it may feel strange at first. All the other tasks we have to complete will still get done; they will just do so from a more composed position now.

Those closest to us may pick up on our self-love practices and begin practicing it themselves. Two people can only bring what they are inside to a relationship, and the more we can give each other, the more the relationship thrives. Relationships flourish when both parties are able to give. We attract more respect and love from the outside world when we exhibit self-love and self-respect.

Therefore, get some massage oil and a towel (it's best to use a specific towel for abhyanga because it can be messy), play some soothing music, diffuse some soothing aromas, and just get started. for oneself. for your well-being. You deserve it.

SAFETY NOTE: Every oil is extremely flammable. Be sure to observe proper safety precautions. Items such as towels, clothes, and linens that have gotten oil on them should be laundered right away, carefully, and thoroughly. Oily towels pose a risk of spontaneous combustion and fire when stored. The oil residue in cloth can overheat during automatic drying, posing a fire risk. Use low heat when drying in a machine, and remove as soon as it's dry.

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