7 Ayurvedic Methods for Winter Skin Care

7 Ayurvedic Methods for Winter Skin Care

Why does winter cause skin to dry out so quickly? A deeper comprehension of the season is provided, along with an abundance of resources to help us take care of and preserve our skin on the inside as well as the outside, when we examine the Ayurvedic viewpoint on the skin and how the doshas function.

Winter Skin and the Doshas 

According to Ayurveda, winter is the best season to take extra care of our skin because our skin is drier and more receptive to the nutrients we are willing to give it.

Furthermore, although external skin care is important, we all know that true beauty originates from within, so internal self-care is equally crucial for glowing, healthy skin. The winter season is a time of year when the qualities of the vata and kapha doshas are high in the atmosphere and can cause imbalances both internally and externally. The doshas are relevant in this situation

In order to counteract these qualities and maintain vata balance, we should try incorporating moisturizing, grounding, warming, and calming ideas into our daily lives.

1. Give Yourself a Massage

There's no better way to start the day than massaging yourself with warm oil. Self-massaging with oil, known as abhyanga, is an age-old practice that promotes circulation, helps the body warm up, and has numerous other advantages such as lowering stress and soothing the mind.

Use Tatvik's Body Massage Oil or Sesame Oil before your daily morning bath or shower during the winter. These nourishing, warming, and grounding oils are ideal for vata balancing. 

2. Use Soaps and Hot Water Wisely

Use cool water when taking a bath or washing your face, and try to keep the amount of soap you use on the areas that get really dirty. Hot water and improper soap use can deplete your skin's essential oil content.

When washing, cleansing your skin with a mild Ayurvedic soap can be very beneficial. Dosha-balancing herbs and essential oils are used in Tatvik's handcrafted soaps; they are mild enough to be used every day to promote clear, clean, and moisturized skin from head to toe.

3. Support Your Scalp

Although dandruff could indicate a fungal infection, it is more frequently caused by dryness due to insufficient blood flow to the scalp. Adding a few extra minutes to your evening routine each night to massage oil into your scalp promotes blood flow and healthy hair. Try Tatvik's Hair Oil, a herbal oil.

How to Massage Your Scalp

  • Lightly massage your scalp and hair ends with your preferred oil after it has warmed up.
  • Gently and slowly rub your head in a clockwise direction.
  • Let the oil sit for a minimum of fifteen minutes or overnight.
  • Apply shampoo to your hair before it gets wet, and then wash it to get rid of the oil.

4. Be Sweet to Your Feet

Give your feet some TLC before bed, whether you're heading out for brisk winter walks in your neighborhood or hitting the slopes.

Use any mixture of essential oils for lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary to soak them in a warm bath. Use a moist pumice stone to remove any dead skin cells that may have accumulated on the bottoms of feet after soaking for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Next, apply a few drops of Tatvik's Hand and Feet Lotion or Castor Oil to your feet's pads and heels. Now put on some old socks and wear your newly healed feet to bed!

5. Put Your Best Face Forward

Due to its frequent exposure to the weather, facial skin can suffer greatly in the winter.

Use a facial cleanser without soap to prepare your skin before you even step outside. Tatvik's Face Cleanser is a great option. Apply a generous amount of sesame oil (try Tatvik's Face Serum and Cream) to your face and neck while your skin is still wet.

6. Eat a Vata-Pacifying Diet

It's crucial to rekindle your agni (digestive fire) in order to properly support your skin from the inside out. The overall health of your skin is greatly influenced by a strong and healthy agni, which promotes appropriate nourishment of all the tissue layers.

A diet rich in grounding foods that pacify vata can help maintain the optimal functioning of the digestive fire during the winter. such as hot soups, stews, chiles, cooked veggies, substantial grains, dairy products, etc.

7. Include Turmeric

There are many advantages to turmeric, one of which is its well-known capacity to improve complexion and promote beautiful skin. It is also an ideal spice for winter because it balances both vata and kapha. This adaptable spice can benefit your skin on the inside as well as the outside, whether you decide to use it in recipes, as a supplement, or to drink golden turmeric milk.

As usual, taking good care of yourself means lowering your stress levels, getting enough rest, drinking clean water, and engaging in regular exercise. These are the first steps toward better health. Just keep in mind that you can live a lifetime of good health by making a small effort every day!

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