Achieve Instant Glass Skin by Massaging Your Face and Body with Tatvik Prakrutisparsha Massage Oil

Achieve Instant Glass Skin by Massaging Your Face and Body with Tatvik Prakrutisparsha Massage Oil

Put your hands up if you're jealous of their otherworldly glow without using a highlighter palette! When it comes to appearances, nothing says "perfection" more than glowing, glassy skin free of makeup. Glass skin, a well-known K-beauty trend in the media, has evolved into the most desired skin type. The glass skin makeup trend quickly evolved into a skincare trend because well-hydrated, nourished skin is necessary for flawless makeup application. Glass skin in Korea gave rise to this skincare craze, which is currently widespread. Naturally, we are also big fans of it since who doesn't adore flawless, dewy skin that glows in the sun?

You may wonder what glass skin is!

The term "glass skin" describes a smooth complexion devoid of any underlying texture, which is a trend in skincare. For light to reflect off the skin's surface and give it a youthful glow, the skin must be extremely hydrated both internally and externally. While a daily skincare routine consisting of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing works well, there are a few more steps that must be taken to ensure that all pores are equally hydrated in order to achieve glass skin. Think of the pores as, well, empty buckets that require constant filling with water.

Achieve glass skin at home by massaging your face and body with Tatvik Prakrutisparsha Massage Oil

Glass skin, or visibly plump skin that radiates light, requires a multifaceted approach to skincare. We recommend using a single layer of Ayurvedic skincare products, which are suitable for all skin types and contain naturally derived ginger essential oil, raw coffee, olive oil, and super botanical herbs. For all skin types, using this one massage oil in a skincare regimen will guarantee extreme hydration and nourishment.

Through effective skin penetration and long-lasting hydration, the Ayurvedic ingredients in Prakrutisparsha Massage Oil strengthen skin channels. The term refers to its capacity to "activate" the skin, thereby paving the way for the subsequent product's ingredients to enter the skin efficiently during your regular skincare regimen. It leaves the skin incredibly hydrated and dewy thanks to the potency of all-natural ingredients. In Western culture, this finish is also referred to as "Chock Chock Skin," which means "damp" or "moist" skin with a dewy texture.

Its ideal oily consistency, which is readily absorbed by the skin, quenches the thirst of the skin. This massage oil instantly gives the skin an air of ethereal brightness and copious moisture. Tatvik Ayurveda’s body massage oil further stimulates the skin to improve skincare absorption. Apply a small amount of the oil to your palms, rubbing them together to create heat, then lightly dab your face and body. By increasing collagen, this helps to hydrate and plump the skin from the inside out.

And voilà! If you want to join the bandwagon of people with glass skin, give yourself a daily massage with Tatvik Ayurveda's Prakrutisparsha Body Massage Oil. You might feel tempted to forgo makeup completely and let your skin take center stage.

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