Discover the secrets behind Tatvik’s Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

Discover the secrets behind Tatvik’s Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

Do you love the skin you’re in? If yes, what are your feelings about it? Not the face only, the whole body as well? As everyone knows, the majority of the body is covered in skin. It’s our first layer of defense against germs and even the first impression when you meet someone new.

Yet, most of us prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to skin care. Many people believe that purchasing pricey soap is unnecessary when a pack of ten can be purchased for the same amount of money. Knowing the fact that these cheap soap bars can do a lot of harm to your skin.

Handmade, natural soaps made from plant oils are preferable to store-bought soaps. Handmade soaps may have a higher price, but that’s because they provide a whole bucket full of benefits when it comes to your well-being & health.

Let’s dive into the article and know how handmade soaps differ from those drug store / supermarket soaps.

How Handmade Soaps are better than Commercial Soaps:

The soap you choose from the pharmacy or grocery store is manufactured commercially; it is not natural. In the factory, high mechanical energy is used to undergo chemical changes in soaps, resulting in the mixture of harsh sulfates and artificial fragrance that serves only as a cleansing agent.

Where on the other hand handmade soaps are naturally made. They are made using rich plant-based oils. Additionally, botanical extracts and essential oils—which are thought to be the most priceless gifts from mothers and contain naturally occurring phytonutrients—are added to handmade soaps to enhance their quality. Each of these ingredients has its own special advantages.

Handmade soap is created by following a saponification process that takes place when natural oils and fats are together processed. The end product is a kinder, safer formula that works well on all skin types.  

Let's continue and discover some incredible advantages of utilizing handmade soaps. 

Benefits of using Tatvik Ayurveda Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap

Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap is a paraben-free natural soap made with virgin coconut oil and healing ingredients from Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body. The properties of Sandalwood and Multani Mitti used by our old generations since ancient times, cleanses the skin without stripping of its natural oils. Also, with the help of pure activate essential oils infused with honey and olive extracts, this soap naturally cleanses skin while targeting the concern areas, is a source of antioxidants and nutrients that cleanse and smooth the skin. Highlights of Tatvik Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap-

  • Formulated with natural emollients 
  • Coagulation of skin 
  • Brighten skin tone and reduces scars 
  • Repairs sunburn damage and nourishes skin 

By now, we have gained a great deal of knowledge about handmade soap, including the secret to its goodness and high price. It's time to give up those synthetic soaps and use Tatvik Ayurveda Handmade soaps instead. Every time you take a bath, treat your skin to the luxury it deserves and immerse yourself in the realm of purity to feel its richness.

In addition to improving complexion, the Tatvik Ayurveda Bath & Body Mridukaya Mitti and Chandan Handmade Soap lower the risk of infection.


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