Get Long, Thick Hair with Tatvik Ayurveda’s 8 Ingredient Herbal Oil with Heena

Get Long, Thick Hair with Tatvik Ayurveda’s 8 Ingredient Herbal Oil with Heena

Who doesn't wish for thick and healthy hair? We all do. However, sadly, most of us suffer from common hair problems like hair fall, thinning, dandruff, and split ends which make it all only seem like a dream. We have all tried and tested so many different hair care products but it hasn't worked for a majority of us. That can be because a lot of hair care products come packed with chemicals that harm our hair in different ways.

So, here we thought of bringing you a traditional hair oil recipe that can help you achieve healthy and long hair. Read on.


Beauty and cosmetic concept is as ancient as mankind and civilization. Cosmetics play a vital role in human life. Herbal cosmetics is one of the most effective areas of cosmetic technology. Herbal cosmetics are developed by a coalition of bioactive ingredients and pharmaceutical products. Herbs are used for beautification purposes of the body, preparation of cosmetics, flavoring, and coloring agents. Hair plays a vital role in the personality of humans and we use a lot of cosmetics products for the care of hair. The article aims to review the importance of herbal oil and its use in common hair problems such as baldness, hair fall, hair dryness, dandruff, etc. Various beauty and cosmetic products are used which contain herbs to give a young and charming look. Various herbal ingredients are used in herbal hair formulation; they provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Herbal hair oil has been widely used for the nourishment of hair and for the protection of hair from hair fall and hair damage. Nowadays side effect is a major problem after using any beauty product due to which herbal products are preferred because of having less probability of any types of side effects.

Herbal Hair Oil for Goodness of Hair


Herbal hair oils are natural oil products with essential properties to treat hair problems like thinning of hair and dry or flaky scalp. These oils are used not only for moisturizing purposes but also to promote hair growth, improve circulation of blood in the scalp, prevent dandruff, and add volume to the hair shaft. Here are some herbal hair oils you can use to nourish your hair. Massage your scalp with these herbal oils regularly to get rich and lustrous hair.

Herbal hair oil is an essential part of herbal cosmetics. Herbal hair oil is preferred and used for many ailments of hair. They not only promote hair growth but also provide necessary moisture to the scalp rendering beautiful hair. Herbal oil which contains herbal drugs is known as hair tonic. Herbal hair oil provides several essential nutrients that are important to maintain the normal function of the sebaceous gland and promote the natural growth of hair. These are some of the most well-recognized products for the treatment of hair. The use of hair oil is increasing every day in line with the improvement in the standard of living of people to give natural flavors and colors to hair oil herbal essences and perfumes are added.

Benefits of Applying Herbal Oil


We live in a polluted world that is not hair-friendly. That is when herbal hair oil comes into practice. Tatvik Ayurveda’s Herbal Hair oil is a blend of herbs like Henna, Neem Powder, Extracts of Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Brahmi, Bhringaraj, Tulsi, Methi and Castor Oil. Their benefits are as follows: 

  • It provides natural goodness to hair. Herbal oil contains vitamins and micronutrients which act as a food for hair.
  • Hair oil helps in preventing hair loss and fames frizzy hair. Hair ends need special care and herbal oil pampers them throughout their nourishment.
  • Neem leaves prevent dandruff as well as lice.
  • Fenugreek (methi seeds) are well known for their benefits in general for healthy hair.
  • Regular use of hair oil cures problem of premature grey hair.
  • Keeps the scalp hydrated.
  • Improves hair growth.
  • Prevents dandruff.
  • Offers shine glow.
  • Stress relief.

How to use Tatvik Ayurveda’s Nirmalkesha Henna with 8 Herbs Hair Oil?

Apply the hair oil to the scalp and massage well. Do it at least twice a week and see the magical effect. If possible, leave the oil overnight.

If you are someone who has been hunting for hair care products that can help hair growth then you should instead try this hair oil once. It is easy to use and it will surely give magical results if used in the right way.

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