Oudh for Beauty: Exceptional Benefits Of Using Agarwood-Based Skincare Products

Oudh for Beauty: Exceptional Benefits Of Using Agarwood-Based Skincare Products

Agarwood essential oil, also known as "oudh," is highly sought-after due to its alluring earthy scent. It is actually derived from wood extracts and infected tree bark, and its pure tincture is worth far more than gold. Up to thirty different types of oudh trees are known to exist, and they are primarily found in South-East Asia, specifically in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Sri Lanka.

The tall, healthy Agarwood or Aquilaria tree yields a dark, fragrant resin known as oud or oudh, which is also referred to as "liquid gold," when it is infested with mold. This resin is only found in a select few, old Agarwood trees, which makes oudh one of the most expensive cosmetic extracts available. Ancient royal kingdoms have long used the unique, raw, woodsy scent of Oudh essential oil and viscous residues, which has a hint of sweetness mixed with sharpness. These fragrant derivatives are still used in skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance products today because of their many advantageous compounds in addition to their uplifting scent.

5 Wonderful Advantages of Including Oudh Essential Oil Infusions in Your Skincare Regime:

Moisturizes and Softens Skin

Oudh oil has the incredible ability to trap moisture in the skin, leaving it incredibly hydrated and giving dull skin tissues new life. Daily use of an oudh-based moisturizer significantly improves dry skin conditions by preserving the skin's moisture barrier without making it appear overly oily.

Confers Anti-Ageing Benefits

Rich in strong antioxidants, oudh oil reduces wrinkles and fine lines, promotes the growth of new, healthy skin cells, and delays the onset of premature aging. Since skin cells undergo healing processes at night, applying a thick layer of lotions and creams infused with oudh before bedtime helps minimize the visibility of stretch marks and sagging.

Combats Microbial Infections

Oudh oil is highly valued due to its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal characteristics, as well as its high fatty acid content. Together, these prevent sebum production, protect skin from bacteria that cause infections, and lessen acne and pimples. Skin conditions can be avoided by washing the face, hands, and body with a foaming cleanser, soap, hand wash, or body wash that contains extracts of agarwood essential oil.

Offers Sun Protection

Naturally endowed with UV-blocking components such as hydrocarbons, cinnamic acid, phytosterols, and concentrated triterpene esters, oudh oil is an ideal addition to sunscreen lotions. Applying a cream or moisturizer with an oudh base before venturing outside in the intense heat helps protect skin from sunburn and tanning.

Boosts Collagen Synthesis

The essential protein that gives skin structure and helps to maintain an even tone and dynamic elasticity is collagen. Deeper skin layers are preserved with the strength of collagen fibers by oudh oil. Skin becomes smooth, supple, and radiant when enough anti-aging cream containing oudh oil extracts is massaged into the face and body.

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