Top 10 Benefits Of Besan For Skin

Top 10 Benefits Of Besan For Skin

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Besan"? I am sure many of you will think of 'pakodas' and snacks you used to enjoy at home. What if I tell you that besan can make your skin glow and remove the tan due to overexposure to the sun? Don't get surprised! It's true and well-proven through numerous research that gram flour, popularly known as besan in India, is very effective in removing tan, treating acne, clearing dark spots, and benefits all skin types.

If you have been thinking about trying out besan for your skin, then this is the best time. Besan has many benefits for the skin, such as removing dark spots and tan, moisturizing dry skin, reducing fine lines on the face, and even acting as an exfoliator. This blog will enlighten you with the benefits of besan for the skin and the besan products you can try at home to treat your skin issues. You can also try Mridukaya Haldi & Besan Soap and Kusuma Besan, Kesar & Sandalwood Face Ubtan from Tatvik Ayurveda if you are looking for ayurvedic products with besan as the main ingredient.

Why Do We Need Besan For Skin Whitening?

Besan has been used in Indian households for skin and hair care for ages. Besan is made from chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) that are ground into flour after removing the outer layer of their pods and then dried to make besan powder. It is also called gram flour or chickpea flour and is one of the rich sources of protein, vitamins B1 & B6, manganese, and iron. They also contain carbohydrates that help reduce cholesterol levels by breaking down fats from food. Besan contains less amount of sodium, so it's ideal for people suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure issues.

10 Benefits Of Besan For Skin 

Below are the 10 besan benefits for skin:

1. Acts As A Natural Cleanser

One of the main benefits of besan for skin is that it cleanses the skin, making it healthier and more beautiful. It has excellent exfoliant properties and removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup from your face. It has similar properties to clay masks and gently exfoliates the dead skin cells accumulated and controls sebum production on the skin.

2. Acts As An Exfoliator 

You can also use besan as an exfoliator. Follow the steps below:

Add one tablespoon of besan to 1/2 cup of water.

Mix well to make a thick paste.

Apply the paste to your face and neck area.

Leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Dry your skin using a cotton towel and apply moisturizer to the skin.

Repeat these steps twice a week to treat dryness and flakiness.

3. Reduce Fines Lines

Skin is your body's largest organ, and it's the first thing people notice when they look at you. Fine lines and wrinkles can make you look older than you really are. Hence, you need to maintain your skin, and besan can help you to get glowing and acne-free skin. Apply besan paste to reduce crow's feet, smile & frown lines, forehead lines, and eye bags under the eyes. Besan contains linoleic acid and antioxidants, reducing inflammation and eliminating your skin's free radicals.

4. Reduces Acne And Dark Spots

Besan is an effective remedy for tanning and removing dark spots. It helps to get rid of acne marks and reduce acne scars by improving blood circulation in the face. Apply besan on the face and wash after 20 minutes. You can also mix besan with milk to make a paste and apply it to your skin to eliminate acne marks and scars. 

5. Moisturizes Dry Skin

Besan is an effective ingredient for skin moisturizers. If your skin is dry, try making a paste of besan and milk. Apply it on the face and leave it to dry, and wash it with clean water. Alternatively, you can add some lemon juice to the mixture for an added boost of skin-brightening vitamin C. You can also try Kusuma Besan, Kesar & Sandalwood Face Ubtan from Tatvik Ayurveda. It is an effective ayurvedic remedy for dry skin, which also maintains the pH level of your skin. 

6. Removes Facial Hair

Besan, a popular ingredient in Indian cooking, can be used as a natural bleach and hair removal treatment. All you have to do is mix it with lemon juice and apply it to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Try this twice a week for the best results.

7. Reduces Sunburn And Tanned Skin 

Overexposure to sun rays can cause sunburn and tanned skin. People who usually go outdoors suffer sunburns and tanned skin. Besan helps remove skin tan and soothes sunburn. Mix 4 teaspoons of besan with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric, and 1 teaspoon of yogurt to form a paste, apply it on the affected area, and wash it off after 20 minutes. Follow it twice a week for the best results.

8. Besan For Skin Whitening

Besan is an excellent ingredient for skin whitening. It improves the skin's complexion and removes the dead cells accumulated on the skin. Mix 1 teaspoon of raw milk with 4 teaspoons of besan and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Make a paste, apply it, scrub it on your face in a circular motion, and let it dry. Wash it with cold water and follow this step 3 times a week.

9. Improves Oily Skin

Besan absorbs dirt and oil from the skin and is an excellent remedy for oily skin. It is a natural cleanser and antiseptic agent which helps in removing bacterias that cause pimples. Apply besan and yogurt paste on your skin to improve oily skin. 

10. Removes Blackheads And Tighten Pores

Besan is a rich source of protein, calcium, and iron. It is also known to be an effective cleanser and exfoliator. It helps to remove blackheads while keeping the pores tight. Besan can also be used as a natural face pack or scrub to eliminate excess oil in your skin, making it acne-free and glowing.

Choose Natural Solutions Over Chemicals Based Skin Products

Why choose expensive and harmful chemical-based skin treatments when you can heal your skin at home with natural home-based ingredients? Besan is an excellent remedy for all skin types, and it does not have any side effects on your skin. Let your skin get rid of harmful chemicals, and use ayurvedic treatment from Tatvik Ayurveda. We are a reputed skin and hair care brand with decades of expertise. Our products are free from animal cruelty and vegan. So, let's all give our skin a break and stop using chemicals. If you have other tips or tricks on using besan for skin care, share them with us in the comments below.


Q.1 Is besan good for oily skin?

Ans. Yes, besan is an excellent remedy for oily skin. Use a besan face pack to reduce excess oil on the skin.

Q.2 Does applying besan on your face have any side effects?

Ans. There are no such side effects of besan on your skin, but it is recommended to do a patch test before applying besan to your skin.

Q.3 Is besan suitable for all skin types?

Ans. Yes, besan is suitable for all skin when mixed with other natural ingredients like milk, yogurt, lemon juice, rose water, and aloe vera. It exfoliates the skin and improves your skin tone.

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