Charcoal Soap: Discover Benefits of Charcoal Soap for Your Skin and Body

Charcoal Soap: Discover Benefits of Charcoal Soap for Your Skin and Body

Activated charcoal is a popular skincare ingredient that improves skin blemishes and cures oily skin. Due to its absorbing property, it absorbs the excess oil from the skin and controls sebum production, which gives you a clearer complexion. It can be used for all skin types. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of charcoal soap for the skin and how to use it for better results. 

What is Activated Charcoal? 

Activated charcoal is different from ordinary charcoal, which we find mainly in bricks and burned pieces of wood. It has a high amount of pores which can trap bacteria and dirt on the skin. It is produced by heating carbon-rich materials like (wood, peat, sawdust, and coconut shells) at high temperatures in the absence or minimal presence of oxygen. This process reduces the size and increases the number of pores in the charcoal, which increases overall surface area of the charcoal.  

How Does Charcoal Works?

Charcoal has a high absorbing ability, and it has been in use since the Egyptians. They use it to eliminate foul smells from infected wounds. Nowadays, charcoal is commonly used by skincare product manufacturers to make face wash, soap, face masks, and facial cleansers. 

Types of Charcoal 

There are two types of charcoal, activated charcoal, and regular charcoal.

Activated Charcoal 

  • Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon. It is an odourless black powder produced at a higher temperature than charcoal. 
  • It is more porous than regular charcoal.
  • It has higher absorbent power than regular charcoal.
  • It is more commonly used in the medicine branch to remove toxins.

Regular Charcoal

  • It is a carbon residue of dehydrated burned organic material.
  • It is more porous than other carbon forms but less than activated charcoal.
  • It is mainly used in metallurgy, cooking and filtering.

Benefits of Charcoal Soap for Your Skin and Body 

Benefits of Charcoal Soap

There are numerous benefits of charcoal soap. Some of are benefits are listed below:-

Reduce Acne Issues

Charcoal is very effective in acne treatment. Activated charcoal removes excess oil from the skin, which helps to clear blackheads and improves acne spots. It also balances sebum production and acts like a magnet which absorbs toxins and bacteria from the skin to give you acne-free skin.

Minimizes the Pores

The large unclogged pores on the skin are one of the main reasons for excess oil production, which leads to oily skin. Activated charcoal clears unclogged pores and removes the dirt and excess sebum. Sebum is important for the skin as it hydrates our skin and protects it from dryness. But, overproduction of sebum leads to oily skin and increases the chances of blackheads and pimples. Charcoal helps in controlling the overproduction of sebum and reduces the chances of oily skin.

Gentle Exfoliator

Activated charcoal is a natural exfoliator due to its granular and soft texture. It removes toxins and dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. Hence, it allows fresh skin cells to grow. It is not harsh and very beneficial even for sensitive skin. It also tightens the pores to their usual size when applied to the skin. Use a Black Clay Mask from Tatvik Ayurveda which contains the benefits of activated bamboo charcoal powder and tea tree oil. It unclogs the pores, reduces skin inflammation and prevents acne outbreaks.

Treat Skin Problems 

Psoriasis cause rash and patchy skin, majorly on elbows, trunk, knees and scalp. Eczema causes itchy and dry skin common in both young and adults. Activated charcoal has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property that cures skin issues like psoriasis and eczema.

Brightening Skin

According to research, charcoal is effective in brightening the skin, and it does not cause any side effects on the skin. It not only detoxifies your skin but also removes all the unwanted impurities and toxins and brightens your skin.

How To Use Charcoal soap for Better Results?

It is always a better option to use charcoal soap with certain steps for the best results. Follow this step-by-step process.

  1. Clean your face with normal water to slacken the impurities on your face. 
  2. Rub charcoal soap over your face avoiding contact with your eyes and mouth.
  3. Gently massage your face with your finger to form lather.
  4. If you have oily skin, then massage your face for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Rinse off with clean water and pat dry your skin with a clean cotton towel.
  6. Follow these steps daily for bright and oil-free skin.

Buy Charcoal Soap from Tatvik Ayurveda

Charcoal provides numerous benefits to your skin, and it is a perfect skincare product for oily skin. Do you also have oily skin? Are you looking for activated charcoal soap? If yes, then no need to worry. We at Tatvik Ayurveda provide 100% natural skincare solutions. 

You can buy Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap from Tatvik Ayurveda which is made up of organically grown natural ingredients. It contains the goodness of raw organic honey, glycerine, charcoal powder, tea tree oil, olive oil and shea butter. It protects your skin from dust and pollution and reduces skin pigmentation. You can use it daily to remove toxins and treat acne.

Our Other Charcoal Products are Charcoal Teeth Care PowderCharcoal Hair Mask, and Charcoal Tea Tree ShampooThese products are effective in tooth care and hair care. You can know more about its benefits by visiting the official website of Tatvik Ayurveda. 


Q.1 Is charcoal soap good for skin whitening?

Ans. Yes, charcoal soap is good for the skin as it helps in skin brightening and protects the skin from dust and pollution. It also reduces skin pigmentation.

Q.2 Can charcoal soap remove dark spots?

Ans. Yes, charcoal soap helps to remove dark spots because it has an absorbent property, which absorbs toxins and impurities from the skin and reduces dark spots.

Q.3 Can I Use Charcoal Soap for Acne?

Ans. Acne occurs when the skin pores get clogged due to oil and dead skin cells. Activated charcoal has multiple pores, which can trap oils and dead skin cells. Hence, they are very effective in treating oily skin and acne.

Q.4 Can you use charcoal soap on your face?

Ans. You can, and in fact, you should use charcoal soap on your face and body. It will not only brighten your skin but will also protect your skin from infections like psoriasis and eczema.

Q.5 Is charcoal good for oily skin?

Ans. Activated charcoal is good for oily skin due to its small pores, which absorb toxins and overproduction of sebum on the skin. It is the best solution for people having oily skin without causing any side effects.

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