Colourful and Aromatic Bath & Body products from TATVIK AYURVEDA to surprise your Valentine

Colourful and Aromatic Bath & Body products from TATVIK AYURVEDA to surprise your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is an international festival that celebrates the feeling of love. Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year on the 14th February and marks the death anniversary of one of the Christian legends, Saint Valentine. In most of the first world countries, February 14 is considered as a national holiday. Valentine’s Day has especially come to become a day made for lovers. Even in the media, Valentine’s Day is portrayed as a day meant for lovers. However, Valentine’s Day has a much larger appeal.  It is a day to express love and that love can be for anyone and not specially a lover. What does Valentine’s Day means? Saint Valentine was a total of 14 saints who laid out their life for Ancient Rome.

However, some people believe that the Valentine’s Day is a tribute to only one of these fourteen saints. In Christian culture, a big feast is organized on Valentine’s Day to commemorate the day of burial of Saint Valentine and to celebrate their love for their land and their martyrdom. Thus, the very reason why Valentine’s Day is celebrated has nothing to do with the love between two lovers. What does Valentine Day really stand for? The Valentine’s Day is a celebration of that feeling called Love. Love between lovers (man and his woman) may be the most celebrated kind. However, love of all kind is beautiful and thus, needs to be celebrated. So, on this Valentine’s Day, if you do not have a lover, do not start to feel sad. Instead, search out your life and find people who truly loved, in any form and in any way, and say thank you to them for being there with you when you needed them.

This Valentine’s Day, if you are a wife, express your love to your husband or vice-versa. However, do not forget to express your love to those other people who are also important in your life. Look beyond the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. This is the day to thank people, whosoever they are, for being there in your life and being there with you when you needed them. To start with, thank your parents for the love that they have given you is above every other kind of love in the world. Thank them for making you the person that you are. Buy them gifts and write messages to them that would make them feel happy. Next, say thank you to your partner for being there with you in times of highs and lows.

If they have stood by you through thick and thin and have always been on your side and made efforts to make you happy, it only means that they love you a lot and thus, their love needs to be cherished and appreciated. A good way to appreciate everything that they have done for you is to buy them something that they would love and cherish. Also, you can tell them how you feel about them by simply telling them how you feel.So, this Valentine’s Day gift your loved ones some amazing products from Tatvik Bath & Body!! We have an amazing lineup of products specially handpicked for you to gift your valentine.

The Rose Bath Salt from Tatvik Bath & Body moisturizes the skin, reduces skin inflammation, decreases stress, promotes wound healing and treats insomnia. The Garden Rose Soap from Tatvik Bath & Body helps to maintain the pH balance of skin, reduce skin inflammation, hydrate the skin, heal scars, promote wound healing, strengthen the skin tissues, heal acne scars, improve the mood and tone the skin. The Coconut Milk & Rose Body Lotion from Tatvik Bath & Body moisturizes the skin, soothes sunburn, reduces skin inflammation, prevents premature skin aging, regenerates skin tissues, heals the skin and reduces wrinkles. The Fruity Magic ( Sweet Orange ) Air Freshener from Tatvik Bath & Body not only eliminates bad odour from the surrounding but also makes sure the surrounding is fresh and clean. 

Sweet Orange essence present in this product is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. This potent ingredient is beneficial in treating depressive symptoms as well. Citrus essence used in this air freshener increases the body’s production of Serotonin, thereby improving the mood. It also helps in reducing stress and increasing mental stimulation. Natural Camphor utilized in this air freshener is very effective in relieving respiratory congestion and easing coughs. This ingredient boosts circulation and provides relaxation as well.

The Tatvik Bath and Body Onion and Rosemary shampoo does not only prevent hair loss, but also promotes hair growth. Onion juice present in this shampoo provides extra sulfur which helps in the production of collagen which in turn promotes hair growth. Glycerin used in this shampoo  acts as an humectant due to which it captures moisture and binds hair with it. The hydration of hair avoids dry hair, split ends, removes dead skin cells. This shampoo comes with raw organic honey  extract due to which it acts as a great moisturizer. Honey is very beneficial for hair as it moisturizes dry hair and scalp, reduces hair breakage , restores shine , reduces frizz and softens  hair. Rosemary essential oil present in this shampoo helps to improve blood circulation , thereby preventing hair follicles from being starved  off blood supply .

This shampoo is effective in prevention of premature graying of hair, dandruff and itchy scalp due to the presence of Rosemary essential oil in it. The Onion , Hibiscus & Avocado shampoo bar from Tatvik bath and body will not only prevent your hair loss but will also promote healthy hair growth. The sulphur from onions helps to promote collagen production which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. The Onion extract present in this shampoo bar helps to moisturize dry, brittle hair.

The application of this shampoo bar can treat dry and itchy scalp along with alopecia aerata thanks to the anti –inflammatory property of onion extract. The Hibiscus extract present in this product rejuvenates the scalp and promotes hair growth. Coconut oil used in this shampoo bar moisturizes our hair preventing dry flaky scalp. It prevents dandruff and hair damage too. Olive oil present in this product increases blood flow in the hair follicles thus stimulating the follicles to grow thick hair . Raw organic honey extract used in this shampoo bar adds shine and lustre to the hair. This product contains Tulsi or Holy Basil extract which helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

The Avocado butter present in this shampoo bar provides biotin to the hair which strengthens the hair. Minerals present in avocado like magnesium and potassium  seal the  cuticle cells thereby making our hair more smooth and lustrous. Use the onion, hibiscus , avocado shampoo bar without any demur or hesitation as it is 100 % organic and paraben free. This product will make your hair  healthy, shiny and strong from the rootsThe Tatvik Bath & Body Papaya and Yogurt soap  is compatible with a variety of skin types, especially with oily skin as it does not add any extra oil to the skin.

This soap is beneficial in refreshing the skin, moisturizing the skin, hydrating the skin, making the skin look young and plump, treating dry skin, soothing the skin and purifying the skin. Glycerin utilized in this soap keeps the skin young, reduces  acne, repairs skin damage, moisturizes the skin , unclogs the pores and protects the skin from free radicals. This soap contains Raw Organic Honey Extract which helps in treating eczema and psoriasis, reducing acne, lightening the skin, eliminating dead skin cells, diminishing acne scars, exfoliating the skin and reducing dark spots. Papaya Extract present in this product heals skin rashes, removes impurities from the skin, diminishes acne spots, protects the skin from sun damage and purifies the skin . 

Yogurt extract utilized in this soapmoisturizes the skin, brightens the skin, reduces age spots, heals acne scars, tones the skin, protects the skin from sun damage, makes the skin look young and supple, reduces wrinkles, fights acne, reduces skin inflammation and treats skin infections. The Pink ( Rose Water ) Clay Mask from Tatvik Bath & Body prevents acne outbreaks, alleviates blackheads, unclogs the pores, treats dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis/rosacea and detoxifies the skin. 

Powdered Rose Petals Pure Rose Essential Oil present in this productreduces skin inflammation, diminishes blemishes and moisturizes the skin. Rose Water used in this clay mask soothes skin irritation, reduces inflammation, treats eczema/rosacea/dermatitis, improves the complexion and prevents premature skin aging. Pink Clay utilized in this product reduces skin inflammation, combats acne outbreaks, exfoliates and lightens the skin, improves the skin complexion and minimizes blackheads.The Cold Pressed Rosehip Carrier Oil from Tatvik Bath & Body promotes wound healing, heals scars/burns, treats strained muscles and dry skin, protects the skin from sun damage, combats acne and prevents premature skin aging. 

Pure Rosehip Oil present in this product deep conditions the scalp, repairs damaged hair, moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, calms an itchy and irritated scalp, reduces scalp inflammation, revitalizes the hair follicles, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. This potent ingredient is beneficial in hydrating, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin, protecting the skin from free radicals, reducing skin inflammation, treating rosacea/eczema/rosacea and alleviating hyperpigmentation as well.

The Strawberry and Rose Lip Care Balm from Tatvik Bath & Body moisturizes cracked lips, makes the lips look supple and protects the lips from sun damage. Strawberry extract present in this product helps to exfoliate dead skin present on the lips, thereby treating cracked lips. Pure Rose oil and Pure Rose extract used in this lip care balm are effective in nourishing , softening and lightening the lips naturally. These potent ingredients are beneficial in treating dark, patchy lips as well. Kokum Butter utilized in this product soothes and repairs the damaged lips. This product works like a charm for those whose lips seem to be constantly chapped.

The Tatvik Bath & Body Tea Rose and AloeVera Shower Gelhelps in retaining moisture, making the skin glow, preventing premature aging of skin, reducing wrinkles, softening the skin, soothing rough patches on skin and relaxing the body. Pure Tea Rose essential oil present in this product is effective in soothing the skin, reducing scars and blemishes, alleviating acne outbreaks, moisturizing the skin, combating skin dullness, balancing the skin’s PH level and treating certain skin issues like Rosacea.  

Aloe Vera extract used in this body lotion treats sunburns, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, frostbite and inflammatory acne. This potent ingredient is useful in healing skin damage and moisturizing the skin as well . Glycerin utilized in this shower gel keeps the skin young, reduces the acne, repairs skin damage, moisturizes the skin , unclogs the pores and protects the skin from free radicals. The Tea Rose & Calamine Soap from Tatvik Bath & Body  soothes the skin, reduces scars and blemishes, alleviates acne outbreaks, moisturizes the skin, combats skin dullness, balances the skin’s PH level and treats certain skin issues like Rosacea.Finally along with our heartiest Valentine’s Day wishes to you, we would also like you to consider the above products in your  shopping list to gift your loved ones to make this day all the more beautiful and memorable!

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