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Ultra hydrating | Illuminating Glow

The Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body presents Neroli and Jojoba Aromatherapy Massage Candles which helps in relaxing mind and body, soothes the skin, promotes wound healing, eases tension, alleviates body pain, improves breathing, circulates blood and improves mood. Binding together the natural flowery tones of Neroli, aromatic frankincense with hints of sweet Jojoba acting as a reminiscent of dewy nights. Perfect for gifting, discover this floral massage candles which dream blended in soy wax that is set in a clear mouth-blown glass.

  • Popular fragrance
  • 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • Reusable and eco friendly
  • Ideal for any occasion

Key Ingredients – Neroli Oil, Jojoba Oil and Natural Soy Wax

How to use?

  • Light the candle wick or place on a candle warmer.
  • Wait until the candle turns from solid to liquid form.
  • Blow the flame out before use.
  • Massage some of the oil onto the body (you only need a minimal amount of oil for application).
  • A little oil goes a long way.
  • Enjoy the moisturizing effect of the oil.
  • The oil will turn back into its solid form once it has cooled down.

Allow our additives to introduce themselves

We are eccentric in our own way. We can only assume you too are when it comes to hygiene and skin care because what’s inside, that really matters. That’s why we compel you to make a choice first before you buy.

  • Neroli Oil – Rejuvenates and intensely moisturises the skin and boosting the natural process of cell regeneration.
  • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil has natural anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties and it is said to be very effective in fighting wrinkles.  Jojoba also contains a natural anti-inflammatory called myristic acid and is therefore considered beneficial for arthritis and rheumatism.  It is an excellent moisturizer rich in vitamin E and softens the skin.
  • Natural Soy Wax – As Soy Wax is made without toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants, it is non-toxic and cleaner-burning, which means our candles are less likely to cause allergies. Vegetable-based wax does not emit any harmful by-products or produce black soot that can stain walls and curtains like other popular waxes.

Caution – Try a drop of molten wax to check whether the temperature is comfortable or not as some consumers may have sensitive skin. Also, kindly test the product on a small patch of your skin though it is very safe to use on all skin types.


  • Rub it on you. Isn’t Tatvik Massage Candle going to burn you?

Ans. No, our candle contains soy wax, which has a low melting point and is safe for skin; it does not contain paraffin, beeswax, palm wax, or petroleum. Tatvik body massage candles are made from 100% natural soy wax that has been infused with premium oils and skin-safe fragrances.

  • How long does the candle burn for?

Ans. Tatvik massage candle’s primary use is meant for body application not to just be burned. The scent of the candle is highly potent by simply taking the lid off. If you still decide to burn the candle, the average burn time is of 6 hours approximately.

  • What can I do if I apply too much oil?

Ans. Our body massage candles clean up well with soap and water. If you apply too much oil, simply, rinse off the excess oil with soap and water. Even after rinsing, the softness of the oil will remain.

  • How long will this candle last if used?

Ans. Well, it all depends on how much as well as how frequently you use our body massage candles. A little oil goes a long way, so only a couple of drops are needed for moisture.


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The Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body Manisugandha Neroli and Jojoba Aromatherapy Massage Candles is ultra-hydrating and give illuminating glow to the skin and creates positive vibes in the environment.  More products recommended below as these are frequently bought together:

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Manufactured & Marketed by:

Mani Enterprises

C22, Sector 6, Industrial Area

Gautam Buddh Nagar,

Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh

Mfg Lic no: UP16320000031

MRP (Inclusive of all taxes): ₹ 425

Weight: 100gm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Excellent product

You don't need a lot, usually a few drops last me through the full massage.

I have bought multiple candles

I personally think it’s fantastic as well, its oily but doesn't leave a film on the skin like some other massage candles.

Amrit Pal
Definitely recommend this!

I just tried it on my arm to see how it felt and I was nice- not smelly, greasy or oily…perfect for a massage. I can’t wait to try it!

Good stuffs!

Found this, and based upon the reviews, ordered it.

Easy to apply

The scent is very pleasant and easy to apply with a lasting affect.